Veteran Gets Last Word After Flag Destroyed

US Flag 3 SC

According to one Texas veteran, a gang of delinquent youths have repeatedly targeted the U.S. flag he proudly displays on his property. After recently discovering the third destroyed flag outside his home, Larry Lorance decided to install a security camera to catch the vandals in the act.

He was successful in capturing three individuals stalking his property during the night, damaging the Stars and Stripes in the process.

“Not only did they tear it down,” he said; one of the trespassers “stomped up and down on the flag.”

The Plano resident recalled wondering, “Where are the parents?”

Though obviously upset about the incident, Lorance said that he has no intentions of reporting the trio to police. Instead, he posted a video of the vandalism on the Internet and issued a proposition to those responsible.

“These kids need to step up, say ‘I did this,’” he explained. “I’ll shake their hands and say, ‘Thank you for standing up and being a man, let’s take care of it.”

In addition to an apology, Lorance wants the punks to replace his flag and learn more about its significance by volunteering at a nearby Veteran’s Affairs office.

“A lot of men and women gave their lives for this flag,” he added. “As an American, and as a veteran, I was offended by [the vandalism.]“

While this gang of misfits could have easily been saddled with a criminal record at a young age for their criminal act, Lorance responded in a way that proves his dedication to the flag they destroyed and the ideals it represents.

He wants to enlighten these individuals, allowing them to personally recognize the importance of the flag. Once they learn what sacrifice and risk has been made to protect it, they might think twice before ruining any more.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    This is the way it used to be in the community. As adults, you try to teach children right from wrong when parents wouldn't or couldn't.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm just wondering what color these kids were and if they were illegals.This man is better then I am because when they came on my property to destroy my flag I'd be sitting in a window with a gun and there would be 3 less vandals.If I was a marksman they'd be confined to a wheel chair and breathing tubes the rest of their useless lives.

    • If you click on the blue and underlined "third destroyed flag" link it will take you the source article which has a brief video of the incident. The kids appear to be light-skinned/white but no way to know if they are illegals. That Veteran is also a better man than I would be under the same circumstances — I could forgive them once, maybe even twice, but after the third time I'd be lying in wait with a pump-action shotgun and, since I am (at least was when I was in the Army) an "Expert" (with a rifle), they'd all be minus what makes them males, and possibly confined to a wheelchair, for the rest of their despicable lives.

      Vietnam Veteran

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