Veteran Firefighter Fired For Sending Christian Email

Jesus SC Veteran firefighter fired for sending Christian email

A 17-year veteran firefighter in Washington recently lost his job because of an email he sent to some of his colleagues. The correspondence did not advocate any illegal activity; rather, he was just updating fellow members of the Christian Firefighter Fellowship he founded about two years ago.

The department’s chief said the captain was let go because the email violated agency policy concerning using his government email account to send religious messages.

“We’ve had no complaints,” the axed firefighter said, explaining the email “hasn’t disrespected the department” and was only sent to other members of the CFF.

He said he plans to appeal his termination, claiming that the content of his email is protected speech. Having “never been disciplined in the past,” he said the entire ordeal “seems to revolve around just those emails and the Christian content.”

His former chief stated that the firefighter was free to “stand at the station” and “hand out flyers, we don’t have a problem with that.” He just can’t use department-funded systems to do what he wanted to do.

According to reports, department administrators told the firefighter to stop sending the emails, claiming his subsequent insubordination was responsible for the decision to fire him.

Though he didn’t deny he disagrees with the agency’s policy, the firefighter said he never forced his views on anyone, contending the email’s “content has not violated a single rule of this department.”

Despite the obvious setback, he continues to stand strong in his faith.

“God will provide a job somewhere,” he said. “If I didn’t trust Him, I wouldn’t have gone this far.”

It is extremely distressing to see employers in a nation based on religious liberty and Judeo-Christian values discipline otherwise satisfactory employees purely because of their religious beliefs.

As looming ObamaCare legislation threatens to force Christians across the nation to support abortion with their confiscated tax dollars, health care providers opposed to the practice might well face termination for failing to endorse it.

The further this country travels down this anti-Christian path, the closer we get to the rampant persecution against religious employees in Europe. The left seems to think that Christian conservatives are an easy target and, quite honestly, we have been for many years. It’s time to stand up for our religious freedom and, as this firefighter did, refuse to roll over when bullies try to take it away.


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