Vandals Damage Ten Commandments Display In D.C.

ten commandments 297x300 Vandals damage Ten Commandments display in D.C.

At nearly the same time a tribute to Ronald Reagan was set ablaze in California, vandals on the opposite coast toppled a monument depicting the Ten Commandments.

The 850-pound granite display was erected by outreach group Faith and Action in 2006 and has been protested by leftists because of its proximity to the U.S. Supreme Court. His group obtained the monument from an Ohio school after a federal court ordered it be removed from the public setting.

Found lying face down, the monument is largely intact; though metal rods used to keep the stone tablets vertical were significantly bent in the process.

Rev. Robert Schenck, head of the outreach mission, said the person or persons behind the vandalism were “determined to get it done because it’s not something you could easily do.”

Police are investigating the crime, though Schenck said his organization is also getting involved by seeking surveillance footage from nearby buildings — including the nation’s highest court.

He said he is dedicated to repairing the monument and plans to install his own security camera on the premises.

As for his message to those responsible, Schenck embodied the ideals set forth in the Ten Commandments and said God can use the incident to further a biblical message.

“We all violate God’s rules,” he said.

While public monuments depicting the Bible-based set of rules have been subjected to numerous judicial rulings in recent years, the scofflaws behind this vandalism unilaterally decided the structure deserved to be toppled.

Schenck said he has faced backlash against the display in years past, saying the group “thought the controversy surrounding it had long since subsided, but apparently not.”

Sadly, toppling the Ten Commandments is nothing new in Washington, D.C. Leftist legislators whose intent is to create a secular humanist society hope to foster political correctness instead of the fundamental laws set forth by God on Mount Sinai.



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  1. WHAT NEEDS "TOPPLING" is the "GEORGIA GUIDESTONES"; ….not the Ten Commandments Monument

  2. Whoever those vandals are, they are immoral and disgusting pigs

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    What can you expect from liberals led by a half assed negroe president.His vandals take their cue from what he utters when praising muslims plus you have all those libeal professors on college campuses creating trouble.We the real Americans have got to take matters into our own hands when we see shit like this going on. That jerk prof that is organizing his student mob to torture Gen.David Patreus should be taken out by the mafia fitted with concrete boots and made to stand in the middle of the Hudson.


  5. You want a reason to impeach this prick? I'll give you one. I called the federal government on my own family. Following this massive fucking wreck, my home started getting broken into. Things would be rearranged or missing or overturned, my hard drive got stolen from my computer. I was legally abducted by three police officers and detained a week so injured I was urinating brown between an asylum and jail. Through psychological manipulations these corrupt mother fuckers made me think I was going to be thrown from the edge of town. I did the only thing I could think of and started tapping on the rail and staring them down. While in this asylum I was psychologically tormented beyond all belief. They even lead me to believe I was framed by coercing me into signing for a necklace and an earring planted in my belongings. I managed to escape and was thrown in a cell with 13 carved in the door with reddish brown smearings on the door and intercom and was given a book about a government agent that was framed and a man told by God to kill his family. Following this massive fucking disaster, I stared down two sniper rifles, had a guy with his head wrapped in a turban flash me devil horns and headbang, walked across a river bridge and all of the fish swam to the surface of the river, had a giant fucking storm follow me from town to town, got tazed, had psychological warfare used on me, got set up and wound up back where I started wanted in two states and I still have douchebags throwing fake money and shit out in front of me. Give up your family and get fucked over for it by crooked dirtball fucks.

  6. This is an example at how much evil Satan's people are willing to do, when they strive destroy all that is good, all that is good is wrapped up in GOD. They are very fooled because they cannot destroy this good. This good will be everlasting, an evil will be punished forever. It will all soon come to a head when JESUS will come for HIS people so that they will be safe while GOD cleanses the world with fire.

  7. Linda From NY says:

    This is what the Liberals are all about destroying the Good to be replace by evil, such as these lefties deomoncraps, they kick God Out and dis-respect God. God will not be mock, he will have the last laugh.

  8. Helen Blanton Allen says:

    These are misguided souls who haven't a clue what the Constitution says. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention 'separation of church and state' It's not in there, period. What it does say: Article [I]13 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Problem with this country, teachers are not allowed to teach the Mayflower Compact, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill or Rights and the Preamble of every state in these United States. Every state should know something about the founding of the greatest country on earth, why and how she became the mightiest and strongest military in the history of America.

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