Vandals Attack Pro-life Display

 Abortion Protestor SC Vandals attack pro life display

A student group at Pennsylvania’s Slippery Rock University recently set up the display consisting of numerous crosses representing the loss of life caused by abortion.

Members of Pro-Life Slippery Rock found a large number of the crosses uprooted and scattered recently, though, and are confident this was an act meant to deliver a message.

“You could tell that people picked them up and threw them around,” said one member of the group, “and a couple crosses were turned upside down and put in the ground.”

Additionally, someone left pro-abortion literature at the site, according to reports.

Another member of the group explained that hostility from fellow students is nothing new.

Upon handing out flyers around campus, the student reported that “they throw them away, they yell things, and call us names.”

Though their opponents are notoriously close-minded, Pro-Life Slippery Rock is rising above the fray by offering a forum featuring individuals on both sides of the debate.

Unfortunately, crass behavior is nothing new among the radical pro-abortion crowd. Still, decimating a peaceful memorial to the millions of innocent children murdered before they could enter the world is exceptionally abhorrent.

Champions of the pro-life cause continue to stand firm, though, confident in the knowledge their message is just.

A Pro-Life Slippery Rock member noted their efforts are not in vain.

“We’ve been receiving a flow of positive feedback and it’s been great,” the student said.

While it sometimes seems the left has a stranglehold on American culture, the only way they can claim victory is by silencing those patriots who demand their voices be heard.

I am confident that the inherent independence and self-sufficiency of those very patriots will render any such attempt impossible.
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