Valedictorian Uses Speech To Thwart Godless Bullies

graduate Valedictorian uses speech to thwart godless bullies

Roy Costner IV earned the privilege to address his graduating class through the hard work and dedication needed to become valedictorian. His school district, however, had recently caved to atheist complaints by banning prayers during such ceremonies.

Undeterred, Costner defiantly tore apart the text of his printed speech and used the forum to discuss his faith.

“I’m so glad that both of my parents led me to the Lord at a young age,” he said, before reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Judging by the uproarious cheering and applause his speech garnered, the throngs of supposedly outraged atheists were underrepresented at this particular graduation.

Costner will not face any disciplinary action, according to district spokesperson John Eby.

“He’s a graduate now,” Eby said. “There’s nothing we can do about it even if we wanted to.”

His final thought is disturbing as I’m confident that there are plenty of administrators across the nation who would try their best to find the accomplished student in contempt of some politically correct regulation.

We must accept the fact that groups who seek to silence the free expression of faith now hold more power than ever before in America. When faced with such opposition, we can choose to remain passive and give into their demands, or stand firm and demand our inalienable rights.

There was a time in this nation, not too long ago, during which graduations and almost all other ceremonies included an invocation to the God who makes all things possible. Today, however, such acts are viewed as intolerant and intolerable; and the very recitation of a prayer during a valedictorian’s speech results in nationwide headlines.

Thank God for individuals like Costner who will defy immoral and unjust rulings.
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  1. Mirowski says:

    God Bless You for your Moral strength, The problem with Christianity today are mostly due to lazy Christians, again thank you for your strength and faith! J. Mirowski, Capt USMC RVN 66-38

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    God Bless this young man Roy Costner for having the morals and convictions to defied this ungodly ruling just to appeased these atheists.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Nice to find smeone young with the courage to defy the regime.I wonder if a muslim was the valedictorian if he would have been able to thank allah

      • To Edward
        This M T sounds like a idiot, I'll bet the M is for Moran and the T for Tard, which means mentally challenged, where did this idiot came from? he must be one of Obama's Troll

  3. God Bless this young man! He has the backbone to stand up and do the right thing, while, apparently, th adults in power don't have any backbones at all!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    It took guts to defy the godless regime and Roy did the right thing to wait when there was nothing they could do to him.

    • So I take it you don't believe in the constitution?

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        The question is do you believe in the constitution because what I said had nothing to do with the constitution it mattered because most schools stopped freedom of speech under the threat of not getting their diplomas if they talked about God.Call your representatives and ask them if they believe in the constitution because they're the ones who better smarten up when we lose the right to talk about God.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Do you mean does he believe in the Constitution or your interpretation of the Constitution?
        Clearly the Constitution supports the belief in God and the right of religion to not have Congress interfere with the exercise of.

  5. Why can't you just pray to yourself. I don't understand why these certain people were angry, as it's his speech, and he could choose to say whatever he wants to say. These people were bullies, apparently, but this article is biased against the fact that they have no belief. It's unfair to make it seem as if they are being pricks about his speech just because their atheists. At least, that's what it sounds like. And the 'banning' is unfair, but it's not like they should make them mandatory. This article is presenting everything in a biased way in my opinion. in fact, I see no proof here that says that they were being bullies, an if they were, there is no need to say 'godless bullies'. It's putting the fact that they're 'godless' first. Wasn't this article about bullying based on religious belief? Because if it was intended as that, it's well hidden.

    • So I take it you don't believe in the constitution in you did not know:

      This Country was founded on Christianity, just because some atheist fools don’t believe in God that is no reason to take away prayer from the rest of us. It is people like yourself that has open the door to these evil liberals that are destroying our Country and way of life. Some day you will find yourself in need of God or dying and then what? Then maybe think about God? You Fool!!!

  6. You know the reason that they can't say prayers in graduation is because the government can't and shouldn't support a religion. I'm moderate conservative, I hate Obama, but please drop religion from politics, it has no place there.

    • To Tom
      You are another Tard, if you know what it means? It is obvious that you do not know the Founders of this Country or how this Country got started. Let me tell you buffoon it started with God and Christianity. It is because of atheist Fools like yourself that these liberals with twisted ideas are killing our Country and has open the door for this travesty we have in the white house. Do you understand that Tard?

      • Susan, I know what a turd is but what is a Tard?

      • There is no such word as Tard, you are evidently speaking of a retard, which is a mentally challenged person, how do you expect a liberal to understand that word? because they have enough trouble spelling Cat without getting the first 2 letters, and they have trouble figuring it out even then.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      So you believe Atheism is the only acceptable religion allowed even though America was not only founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs but our ruling document, the Constitution, attributes all rights to be from the creator?

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