USA’s World Cup Run Comes Up Short

Tim Howard US Soccer

Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne and substitute Romelu Lukaku scored in extra time to give Belgium a 2-1 win over the United States for a spot in the World Cup quarterfinals.

De Bruyne scored in the 93rd minute, finally getting a shot past U.S. Goalie Tim Howard–who was absolutely phenomenal in this one as he saw 38 shots, 27 of them on goal. Howard, through the first 90 +minutes, seemed to be the wall the U.S. needed, but just could not find any momentum offensively to capture the W.

Julian Green was able to pull the game a little closer with a goal in the 107th minute; but the late charge fizzled out, and the U.S. couldn’t muster another goal to send it to a shoot out.

The U.S. wasn’t able to put Belgium on the defensive all that often, only amassing 14 total shots and nine on goal; but they made the most of those nine, with several just barely missing the net.

The U.S. can and should hold their heads high in this one, as they competed much better than many expected them to.

Photo Credit: Meiling (Flickr)

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