US Egyptian Christians Fear For Faith Under Morsi’s Islamist Agenda

Cross SC US Egyptian Christians fear for faith under Morsi’s Islamist agenda

It seems like every Sunday, there’s a new face sitting in the pews of the Church of Saint Verena and the Three Holy Youth in Orange, Calif. Most are young professionals or families with small children and some have been living in the United States for a just few weeks.

“The first waves of immigration,” said Bishop Serapion of the Coptic Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii.

These worshippers are Egyptian Christians, better known as Copts. Their church is Coptic Orthodox, the largest Christian church in Egypt and the Middle East with services similar to other Christian faiths. They perform sacraments like the Catholics and recite prayers many faithful Americans would recognize, including “Our Father” and “Hail Mary.” Mass is spoken in a mix of English, Arabic and the ancient Coptic language.

“We are Christians,” said Bishop Serapion. “We believe in the Holy Bible as the word of God.”

While small, the Coptic Christian population in the United States has been growing since the 1950s, particularly in Southern California, New York and New Jersey. But since the Arab Spring began in early 2011, Department of Homeland Security figures show the number of Egyptians seeking asylum has doubled. Unofficial estimates are that 100,000 Egyptians have so far sought refuge in the U.S. Many of them are believed to be Copts but there are no official statistics on their numbers.

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Photo Credit: John H. Wright (Creative Commons)

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  1. I feel badly for the Copts, but for the rest of those idiots, fools in Egypt, well, they asked for what they got! Did they REALLY beleive they were going to get anything other than just what they now have, THE SLIMEY BROTHERHOOD? And the EXTREME MU SLIME IN OFFICE NOW, WHO WANTS TOTAL CONTROL OVER THEM? The Copts are the ones who will suffer the most, so I wish them all the luck in the world. The rest, I hope they enjoy their Sharia law! And all those stupid Egyptian women? I hope you like getting the living tar beat out of you, because that is exactly what you are in for, that and the loss of every single one of your rights as human beings, because under the RULE OF THE ISLIMISTS, YOU WILL NOT EVEN BE WORTH AS MUCH AS A DOG! WORTH LESS, FAR, FAR LESS! And, what will you do about it? Nothing. Because you have created a monster with which there will be NO DEALING FROM HERE ON IN! IS SLIME KILLS!

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    When are Christians going to stand up? Quit running.
    Running and refusing to stand up to those who would persecute those who believe in God is the same as denying God.
    Until Christians make a stand, they can expect to run for the rest of their lives.

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