This Christian Woman Made It All The Way To The Airport Before Being Rearrested By Her Brother

Her freedom only lasted for one single day. Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for refusing to recant her faith, was rearrested at an airport while attempting to leave the country Tuesday.

After receiving the death sentence in May for supposedly abandoning her Islamic practices for the Christian faith, the 27-year-old mother was released yesterday.

Ibrahim and her husband, Daniel Wani, along with their two little ones, were detained and interrogated by agents from the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) at a national security office in the international airport in Khartoum as they prepared to leave Sudan.

“We don’t have a reason as to why,” said Al-Sharif Ali, a member of Ibrahim’s legal team. “Her husband is also being detained. We have tried to see them, but it has been very difficult. The national security force will not allow us to meet with them.”

Via The Guardian:

Her lawyer, Elshareef Mohammed, who was with Ibrahim at Khartoum airport at the time of the arrest, said more than 40 NISS officers apprehended the family as they attempted to board a plane to the US. Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is a US citizen.

“It’s very disappointing,” Elshareef told the Guardian. “They were very angry. They took us [the family’s lawyers] outside, and took the family to a NISS detention centre. They have not been given access to lawyers.”

He said the appeal court had quashed Ibrahim’s convictions and there were no restrictions on her travelling. He added that political differences within the government over the case may have played a part in the decision to prevent her leaving.

“I’m very concerned. When people do not respect the court, they might do anything,” said Elshareef.

Although no one knows the reasoning behind Ibrahim and her family’s arrest, it is possible that her alleged brother had a part to play in it.

A man who claims to be Ibrahim’s brother, Al-Samani Al-Hadi, was outraged with the judge’s decision on Monday to drop all charges and set her free. He says that Christians had stained their Muslim religion when Ibrahim refused to deny her Christian faith.

“It’s a matter of honor now,” Al-Hadi said. “Christians smeared our honor and we know (how) to revenge.”

Ibrahim married Wani, a Christian man from southern Sudan, in a church ceremony in 2011. Muslim women, as is custom in most Muslim countries, are forbidden to marry non-Muslims. Muslim men, on the other hand, can marry outside their faith. Law dictates that children must follow their father’s religion.

Many are outraged with the news of Ibrahim’s rearrest and have taken to social media to express their thoughts:

Some are passionately calling others to action:

One thing is for sure; we aren’t the only ones routing for Ibrahim and her family!

UPDATE: Sudanese Government Gives 2 Reasons Why Christian Woman Was Rearrested

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H/T: The Daily Mail

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