Update on Impeachment Petitions

Over 500,000 petitions have come in calling for the Impeachment of Barack Obama. 250,000 plus via direct mail and over 250,000 online.

Here is the team with over 250,000 petitions...

Another shot of what hundreds of thousands of petitions look like

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  1. PriklyPete says:

    This man (president in name only) has done more to destroy America/Americans and the Constitution of the United States in one year than any other president in office. He is a disgrace to this Nation and should be run out of office on a rail. Please take with you Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the thugs who now reside in Washington.

    • A Williams says:

      I am so happy to learn that I am not alone in this call for Impeachment!

      I wrote a seven page We The People letter to Impeach OBAMA and sent it over thirty State senators in January.
      I have enough of his apologies of America, clearly he is not an American as we suspected, he is not American, he is a puppet sent by the UN and all its progressive democrat's, to expedite the socialist, dictator, communist rule and , strip our freedoms, end our liberties.
      We know he is an Ethiopian immigrant that used the back door through colleges, by access of Indonesia, through Hawaii, then on to the Mainland, and the free immigrant college program.
      On many accounts by American standards he has committed many treasonous offenses. His cabinet is dangerous, besides the fact that they are the most uninformed lot.
      DO any of them know how to read, or is it all teleprompters. I wonder if OBAMA can read? They all seem to have a literary deficit from within the White House; this administration or should I say Regime.
      Regime change is immanent, with Impeachment on falsification of Federal papers, once such a false birth certificate.
      Impeach, Impeach,
      Regime change
      Regime Change

      We The People Demand It
      Take America Back

  2. Freethinker says:

    Every comment on this site is written by ignorant nut jobs. Proceed at your own risk!!!!!!!! Read them though. It is very enlightening.

    • Phyllis says:

      Funny your the only nut job I noticed.

    • Please explain how we are all "nut jobs".Because we dare to question? How ignorant and "non-freethinking" you are,freethinker.Do your own research instead of taking for granted the information spoon fed to you by the mainstream media.

  3. Dave Woodruff says:

    I am so grateful and proud that I can "do something" here to hopefully make-a-difference and hopefully save our country form utter distruction and ruin; taking with it the ruin and distruction of our children, grandchildren and the elderly who we particulary love! May almighty God grant us His Wisdom to Do The Right Thing now and always!

  4. James Hugh Wright Sr says:

    Obama is an illegal alien terrorist. His goal is the destruction of the United States of America. He must be stopped if we are to save our country for our children, their children and generations to come. “Freethinker” is one of the reasons we MUST WIN! I would only pray and hope that this war doesn’t come to armed revolt.

  5. You are so right when you say he has done more to destroy our country in a short time than all of the other Presidents in history. This is the first President to refuse to salute the flag of the US. He wanted to take guns away from the American people, he wanted to military personal to pay for their own medical because he said they volunteer. Did they choose or volunteer to go into a war zone and be injured, lose a leg or eye or their life?

    If these young men and women with a family had refused to go what would have happened? They would have been court marshaled and put in the brig. No they did not volunteer so we the voters need to get him out of office before he destroys what is left of America.

    When Clinton was in office and accused of having sex with the inturn and he denied having sex with that woman everyone wanted him out of office. Excuse me but Clinton had a surplus of money built up, he debt down and he did nothing near as bad as this thing we call President.

  6. One of those signatures is mine! At what point do FOX news find out about this? It is a very significant development so, isn't it time to actually proceed and get some good traction with Fox, or would that be counter-productive? Being that my name's on the petition, I'm keen as mustard to see the Pretender in Thief squirm under the weight of my signature. I want to see the birth certificate, not the hocus-pocus Hawaiian version. I would bet real money that Obama engineered his mother's death to coincide with his election, to keep her quiet. The timing is just too coincidental and convenient. Add to that, his Kenyan relatives all say he was born in Kenya. Send a reporter to Kenya and find out.

  7. I think the birth certificate is a deliberate diversion from the real fraud that Obama received claiming to be a foreign student. Why else would he hide all of his educational records? Either he is a foreigner and not qualified to be president or he is an American and not qualified for college enrollment as a foreign student. Either way he has committed a crime and should be thrown out of office and into prison.

  8. Fan of Freethinker says:

    Freethinker – How prophetic. Was very enlightening.

    So… as a foreigner who has a moderate understanding of US politics and law, what high crime or misdemeanor has Obama done that he needs to be impeached?

  9. Freethinker should check this out:http://homelandsecurityus.com/archives/3735 – this is the best documentation on the birther debate yet. It's not a scam like this website article is:http://factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_the_u… It is the truth that Obama disdains our Constitution – do your research, freethinker. That is reason enough to impeach him! You don't need a 'high crime' (actually that IS a high crime) to impeach a president. Have you ever read our Constitution? You might want to sometime – it's something that we all should be protecting…

  10. Why doesn`t some of the Big people who know obama is illegal put forth some energy to IMPEACH HIM. We will stand with you!!

  11. JTSgrandmom says:

    Impeachment concedes he is an eligible president. He is not. He is a foreigner who with a complicit Congress, SCOTUS and every Sec'y of State and Board of Elections in every state, has succeeded in accomplishing a bloodless coups of the USA.

    That he used no guns or armies does not mean a foreign entity has not overthrown our gov't.

    He should be dragged out in chains and treated like any other enemy combatent caught during a war and holding American assets.

  12. Bravo for JTS grandmom, and put the chains on freethinker too. The problem with that idiot, is there's too many like him in this country!!! How can anybody be so blind and ignorant.

  13. What is taking so long to get the job done? Impeach Obama. While we are moving slowly, and more
    Americans are “catching on”, he and his team are moving fast. I wish for a strong leader to raise a strong
    voice, like Roosevelt or Churchill. Harry Truman would have put up a good fight. We need to come together
    as a strong team and get that voice out there. Right now!

  14. we are afraid we need to get obama out of office now

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