Unprecedented Corruption: Destroying Ourselves

Chicago White House Unprecedented corruption: destroying ourselves

Americans are seeing levels of corruption in government like never before.  The truths being revealed almost daily highlight a central issue: the importance of integrity in leadership.

Leadership sets the tone and the example.

We’ve been down this road before.  Richard Nixon actively engaged criminality, creating a crisis and destroying confidence in leadership, leading to his resignation.  Bill Clinton’s behavior encouraged staff to behave likewise resulting in criminality, a credibility crisis, and impeachment.

The present state of affairs makes Nixon and Clinton look like amateurs, continuing the shame of seeing executive leadership demonstrate criminal and immoral behavior, leaving youth to conclude that nothing of value matters anymore.

One scandal after another in recent weeks makes this administration look like an international crime syndicate.  Americans should keep in mind that Harry Truman was right in saying that the buck stops at his desk.  Ultimately, the President is responsible, as Obama has stated himself over and over.

The latest outrage involves allegations of criminality in the State Department.  Once again, illegality has apparently been fairly widespread; and when honest government investigators attempted to do their jobs, they were waved off and told to stand down.

This revelation is reminiscent of scandals involving the Secret Service not long ago.  It is another example of government engaging in illegality, covering it up, and then turning on whistleblowers trying to do the right thing.  That spells “police state.”

Working back through time to review this massively deteriorating situation:

>NSA leaks reveal unprecedented domestic surveillance some say far exceeds the original intent of the Patriot Act.  Feds are in bed with 50 communications companies to collect data on citizens.  Creeping fascism.  The Director of National Intelligence is accused of lying under oath.

>The IRS is intentionally harassing conservative groups, infringing constitutional rights, engaging in illegality, and persecuting average citizens with the inappropriate use of FBI and ATF investigators to suppress opposition voices.

>DOJ investigates journalists (Rosen at Fox and hundreds of editors and reporters at the Associated Press.) The Attorney General is now accused of perjury.

>Serial scandals and controversies over the years at DOJ leave the Attorney General looking like a criminal co-conspirator: Black Panthers cut loose after being convicted of felonies, Fast & Furious gun running resulting in hundreds of deaths, subsequent stonewalling of congressional investigators, bungling the Boston Massacre investigation, to name a few.  Whistleblowers again are targeted for persecution and sanction.

>Immigration officials are forced to sue the Administration, alleging that Obama purposefully prevented them from doing their jobs in enforcing standing law.

>EPA officials run roughshod over companies and individuals, installing policies and procedures to enact provisions of global warming mitigation rejected by Congress.

>The EPA releases personal data on 80,000 farmers and livestock operations to environmentalist groups, thus targeting farm families.

>Scandal surrounds Benghazi; leadership is lying to the public, covering up, and attempting to distract attention.

>Another scandal involves the deaths of SEALS in Afghanistan: irregularities, illegalities, lies, and cover up.

>Obama’s Sec. of Health and Human Services illegally asks companies she will regulate to contribute funds to help forward the implementation of ObamaCare.

>Various federal agencies sponsor conferences, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on frivolous events (GSA, IRS, Veterans Affairs for example.)

>Scandals involve fraud and waste throughout the Stimulus spending debacle; green subsidies end in company bankruptcies over and over.

>Obama wages war in Libya without congressional authorization.

>Lies and media manipulation in the wake of Sequestration put public safety at risk.

>Obama makes illegal recess appointments and other moves to circumvent the Constitution and Congress, most notably the effort to install the Dream Act by executive order to achieve immigration reform without legislative action.

This criminal Administration has lost credibility.  The people do not trust Obama.  He never had integrity; and finally, the people have concluded he is unfit to lead.

Heartbreaking reality: the words of Lincoln are coming true . . .

“If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Character and morality matter, after all.


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  1. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    ..and qualifications under the US Constitution to be President matter, too, Mr. Erikson!!! If the GOP truly were an opposition party, they would have challenged Obama's ineligibility from the get-go because this would have absolutely destroyed the entire Democratic Party. None dare call it CONSPIRACY TRUTH, but that is exactly what everyone knows now to be true. The mask is now off on the District of Criminals, and the Emperor has no clothes. Like the DHS insider said to Doug Hagmann, "It's about to get real ugly!" These guys know that the People have now awakened! They know that their NWO globalist Socialist plans are now at stake. Again, but none dare call it "conspiracy theory", RIGHT?!?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets face it Chicago politicians run the country they tell Obugme what to do and the big boss is Jarrett.Chicago has been corrupt for so long they could never be honest.We have a president who goes on TV and admits he doesn't know anything .Just one stupid igger

  3. jetstream says:

    Many have known for years of the Chicago-based political corruption blanketing Illinois politics. Numerous elected officials, including and especially many governors, have ultimately served prison sentences, unfortunately -after- they imposed destructive and sometimes criminal policies on the State. With very little research, informed voters clearly could have anticipated the fruits of putting an Illinois politician from Chicago into high-ranking government elected office. And now we are cursed with the entire rotting vineyard.

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