What These Universities Are Doing Is Straight Out Of The Soviet Playbook

Recently while in Moscow, I heard a report on the radio stating that the Ministry of Education is putting together educational packets to help Russian children correctly understand the events in Crimea and East Ukraine.  The Kremlin is reviving the Soviet model of brainwashing its youth with propaganda biased in Russia’s favor.  I seriously doubt they will be given the Western view of Putin’s actions in South Ossetia, Crimea, and East Ukraine.  The Soviets understood that it was critical to start young while building the model communist citizen.  The same thing is happening in our colleges and universities across America.

Our educational facilities, once the envy of the world for their tolerance of different points of view, have become cesspools of socialist, anti-American doctrine.  This freedom of thought in the past led to skills in critical analysis and risk taking, that in turn led to innovation and creativity; i.e., it led to capitalism.  This is no longer the case.  Universities are actively diminishing the values that made America the hyper success story of the last couple centuries.  This brainwashing will have serious consequences.

On a recent trip to a large state university, I interacted for several days with students.  I did not hear any of them talking about starting a business.  I did not hear any of them talking about taking a company public.  I did hear them talking about “going federal,” as in getting a job with the federal government.  We are seeing a sea change in our country where a large portion of society is okay with depending on government at every level.  This will have a direct long-term impact on the American economy and our way of life in the future.  And, it all starts with the university.

While this process has been going on over the last few decades, conservative parents have been unwittingly funding this effort by paying more and more for their children’s education at these institutions of higher learning.  These tenured professors and bloated administrations have been actually funding their communist and anarchist activities with your hard-earned money.  Educational costs continue to go higher and higher.  Students continue to take out more and more loans to pay these costs.  The Obama administration has proposed plans to let lower and middle class kids default on these debts over time as long as they make less than a certain amount.  In practice, this literally pays graduates to become dependent on the government and not pay back their loans.  Guess who ends up paying?  The taxpayer does, that’s who.

There is a way to apply financial, market-based pressure to our educational system.  Massive Online Online Course, or MOOCs, are scaring the pants off the liberal educational establishment.  These are long distance, online courses that are uploaded for free for all to partake.  The next presidential administration (hopefully conservative) should push legislation to further the establishment of these types of courses and hopefully apply competition and market forces to the educational process.  This is sorely lacking.  Imagine if freshman students could take their core courses online for free?  What if there was a block of courses that were free to community college students for trade and other skills?  This type of thinking is very threatening to the left.  If conservatives thought the union fight was tough, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  Obviously, the resistance will be significant as education is one of the last bastions of liberal thinking; but, we have to try.  The future of this country depends on it.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Remember if your old enough when Krushev banged his shoe on a desk saying that Russia will take over the US without firing a shot.Back then I thought he was a basket case but now I see he knew what he was talking about.Al they had to do is brainwash teachers who inturn brain washed dumb ass students

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