Unique Beauty Pageant Gets Patriotic Twist

Photo Credit; National Archief (Creative Commons)

Beauty pageants are ubiquitous in American culture as entire segments of the entertainment industry are devoted to chronicling the aspirations of young girls — and often the unrealized dreams of their overbearing mothers. While it might seem as though the market for such events has reached critical mass, one innovative entrepreneur is coordinating a pageant that is sure to resonate with liberty-minded Americans everywhere.

Media mogul Alicia Hayes, whose background includes radio, promotion, production, graphic design, and makeup artistry, is expanding her horizons by announcing the upcoming Little Miss Liberty America Pageant. Falling under the umbrella of her Miss Liberty America reality program, Hayes said her venture will give girls between the ages of 7 and 9 an opportunity to showcase their patriotic side in addition to aspects of traditional pageantry.

In an email correspondence with the Western Center for Journalism, Hayes said the program’s mission is in part to refute the indoctrination taking place in the nation’s schools.

“One of the main reasons I created Little Miss Liberty America is because the the American public school system has been increasingly egregious in trespassing on our children’s liberties,” she wrote, “and they continue to be reticent of the U.S. Constitution while degrading its value.”

Citing a concern that has been the topic of several WCJ articles, Hayes noted that “young school children have been the target of systematic indoctrination by expulsion or suspension for possessing or wearing anything representing the Second Amendment violating their First!”

Seeking to remedy this “crime against children,” Hayes developed a pageant that “will create an open dialogue between parent and child (competitor) about the Constitution, CPR and gun safety….”

Participants must be able to demonstrate proficiency in each of those disciplines, including proper firearm safety and handling. As a result of their inclusion, she said “when the parents are teaching and rehearsing with their child in preparation for the pageant, the parents will learn these fundamentals by default!”

The event is set for early next year in Las Vegas with $50,000 in cash and prizes going to the winning contestant. By instilling traditional American values into the next generation, Hayes believes America can reverse the “anti-constitutional propaganda machine in our public school system that ignores instruction on the U.S. Constitution.”

Unless the disturbing trend is addressed immediately, she lamented, there may be no America left to save.

For more information about the Little Miss Liberty America Pageant, visit the official website.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: National Archief (Creative Commons)

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