Unions Extortion To Replenish Money Spent On Obama

Trumpka wisaflcio Unions Extortion to Replenish Money Spent on Obama

As if California and America have not been damaged enough by greedy unions who don’t give a damn about the rest of us, a small union in the Port of Los Angeles has ground the economy of Southern California to a halt.

A strike by a union of about 800 members has effectively closed the port which is the busiest import/export hub in the country. As a result, the Port of Los Angeles is suffering a loss of $1 billion dollars a day!  The strike has spread to “600,000 truckers, dockworkers, trading companies and others depend for their livelihoods.”

The impact of the strike by the International Long Shore and Warehouse Union as described by an economist is ominous. He said, “The longer it goes, the more the impacts increase. Retailers will have stock outages, lost sales for products not delivered. There will be shutdowns in factories, in manufacturing when they run out of parts.”

As usual, the issue separating the union and management is the union’s insistence upon continuing its extortionist policy of “featherbedding” by which temporary thieves come to the docks, don’t do any work and still get paid for being “on the job.”

Since there has not been a contract between the parties for 21 1/2 years, it is very clear that the rank-and-file members are happy with conditions on the Los Angeles docks, so why the problem? These “featherbedding” jobs are not being filled by them. They have jobs that they like and want to keep. The push for extortion is being made to recoup some of the money the union laid out to purchase Barack Obama.

As is the case with most “blue collar” unions, the International Long Shore and Warehouse Union gave millions of dollars to Democrats (99% to 1% to Republicans) and they don’t have enough actual workers to extort to get back their outlay anytime soon.  They need to force management to play make believe with them – they want management to make believe “featherbedding” so-called “workers” actually exist so the union can collect union dues from these phantoms.

It is an excellent bet we will see more of this type of union attack on America in the coming months. They will want to extort as much money as they can from the companies they are killing, before they collapse.

Photo credit: wisaaflcio (Creative Commons)

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  1. The leaders of these unions are the most "corrupt" bunch of ba*****s in this country. After 51 years in industry I can tell you stories about dishonest tactics they use daily. Just one example, A very large Co. that I worked for usually had a production meeting on Wed morn. Shortly thereafter a union rep would come around and tell us to "slow down" so we could get a Sat. and maybe a Sunday (premium pay days)
    I went to the dept manager and was told to keep my mouth shut,and that nothing could be done because they would "shut us down". This is another reason why Industry moved offshore. Trumpka,Stern,Hoffa
    All Communists.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I could give you stories about how you're telling the truth. I used to be a high ranking union official in the Chicago area and can state for fact that the head of unions are exempt from many things. They also receive "bonuses" for extorting more from the members.
      I say used to because I went against the union's standing and spoke out about oblameo in 2007.
      Guess having morals and values are an unwelcomed trait in union members.

      • disgusted says:

        Hey Seeks, having morals and values these days goes against you and the rest of us big time any way you slice it. In order to suceed these days, you must be moral free, value free, and do not, under any circumstances, think for yourself! Do you not know that there are “better minds” who can do your thinking for you, than you can for yourself? LOL! Sarcasm there……..much sarcasm. No, we are not to have values, morals, or any type of free thinking, because it goes against everything that this BABOON in office, and his fellow BABOONS and ALBINOBOONS stand for, on their four furry legs, and small brains. Thinking for yourself, doing for yourself these days is a crime against the “natures of all BABOONS/APES/PRIMATES” that there are in the great Sewer, or Great Jungle of DC! It smells to high heaven, kinda like fire and brimstone!

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          What I find the most interesting is how can a "District" control the 50 states of America? DC is not a state nor a city but yet they control the rest of America.
          It would be best if a nuke was dropped in the middle of this "area" and destroy the real problems of our country.

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