Unionized Labor Is A Failure; What Does It Mean For Obamacare?

labor unions SC Unionized labor is a failure; what does it mean for Obamacare?

First came the news that 40,000 Longshoremen have quit the AFL-CIO because they have finally figured out that Richard “Fifth Amendment” Trumpka and his gang has been screwing them. The final wake-up call came with Trumpka’s support of both Obamacare and amnesty disguised as “immigration reform.” The dockworkers have come to recognize that this two-headed monster will destroy them, and they opted to vote for a break from union control with their feet. While the official reasons for the mass pullout sound like these men are leaving because the AFL-CIO isn’t liberal enough, don’t believe it for a minute. The “leaders” of this pullout have only run up to get in the front of the parade out the door. The men aren’t fools; they can sense what is coming.

The dues hit the Trumpka gang takes should be very substantial. What will the AFL-CIO do? Why, raise the dues on the remaining suckers, of course.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, word has come from San Francisco that America’s only unionized strip joint (which heretofore was offering “Live Nudes and Movies” and “Private Booths”) has gone out of business. It took the clutching hands of the “workers’ friends” at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) just 16 years to kill a business selling smut in the sewer of America!

The union-run strip joint could not come up with its rent for May, and the “mean greedy” landlord refused to allow the “Lusty Lady” to stay open (presumably as a community meeting place for sexual deviants.)

In 2003, the Lusty Lady went Animal Farm with the full support of the SEIU, of course. The “dancers” pooled their money and bought the place for $400,000, making it a (wince) “worker” cooperative. Slowly but surely, the realities of how a competition between a unionized strip joint and a privately-run dive must inevitably turn out hit the workers’ paradise; and things went downhill.

In 2010, the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation closed. It was killed by unionization. Imagine a bookie joint going out of business! Only unionization could accomplish that dubious feat.  Now, a strip joint closes in San Francisco. Unions can’t even run businesses catering to human vices. How will they ever run a little thing like Obamacare?

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