Union Thugs Threaten Families

Civilian National Security Force Obama Unions SC Union Thugs Threaten Families

This story is a chilling reminder of the evil alliance of Democrats and unions.

When super-storm Sandy slammed into the northeast last October, it left destruction and dangerous debris in startling amounts. Homes were folded up and rolled down streets. Civil buildings and churches were flattened, and dangerous toxic materials covered the landscape. The enormity of the clean-up was such that local governments had to work fast and work cheap to clean up their streets. Since “fast and cheap” are not words associated with unions, the emergency demanded non-union labor as the only available and affordable course of action.

To honest Americans, this is simple common sense; but unions want what they want when they want it, your “common sense” be damned.

After the storm, Looks Great Services (LGS), a clean-up firm based on Long Island’s Nassau County, was awarded the contract to clean up the county’s streets and other public areas. Upon learning this, a union thug named Phil Capobianco, the vice president of local 138, started making demands that LGS hire his members. When demands didn’t work, he started to talk about the wife and children of a LGS worker in mock concern for their welfare.

Nevertheless, when Capobianco said “I would just hate for anything to happen,” and spoke in specific terms about the man’s home address, his wife’s name, and where she and his children were at that very moment, the worker decided to act. Refusing to be intimidated, he called the police and took measures to protect his family – remember, this is in America in the year 2012.

When the union gangster realized his threats were not working, he cried for help from the Democrats and their media. The Democrat County District Attorney obligingly opened an investigation into LGS after the local Democrat newspaper ran a phony story about the company unnecessarily removing trees to pad its bill.

The media piously reported that the owner of LGS donated over $16,000 to the successful campaign of the Republican County Executive without adding that LGS was approved for disaster clean-up work before the Republican won his seat. The truth doesn’t matter to the media when it is trying to destroy an enemy.

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  1. Remember when the SEIU thugs beat up the black minister for handing out flags at a Tea Party rally? The press never said more than a few words about it before they forgot it. Here we go again. Big labor, big government, and big propaganda hand in hand skipping merrily over the rights of hard working Americans. We need to learn from this and practice equal reaction. That's why a strong Tea Party is needed RIGHT NOW.

  2. Didn't I hear that the union-run utility companies wouldn't let non-union utility workers from other places help with the cleanup from Sandy? More union BS.

  3. Al Metcalf says:

    We are now in the second term of Gangster Government. Remember Obama is up against the term limits law for President and unless they can change this law he is history regardless of his Cronies.
    Therefore, expect to have nothing more than constant Thuggery and Fraud from Obama. Remember Bill and Hillary in the 90s, there was no end to the fraud and corruption of the Democrats and that was right up to the last minute as they stole even household items as they walked out the door.
    These people are scumbags and they always will be Scumbags, they are Communists in their hearts and they hope to bring this country down to pure survival mode……
    Keep your powder dry, for before this is over you may need it…..

    • And if we don't think o is going to find a way to run again we are deluded…unless of course, he has outlived his usefulness to his handlers and hillary is ready. We must find a way to win the next elections.

  4. Demoncraps are lawless, hateful and covetous much like their Marxist brothers. The party should be BANNED in America. Equivalent to the KKK or the Nu Nux Nlan (negro racist group).

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Don't you mean more like the Black Panthers who OPENLY and BLATANTLY try to intimidate and attack any citizen they don't approve of?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Bim sometimes I wish the KKK was still in operation but using the tactics of the NAACP,ACLU and Southern Poverty Law group.

  5. Liberty49 says:

    At one time in our history, unions were needed to protect primarily women and children in the work place. That has not been the case for decades thanks to the laws we passed to protect them. For decades, the heads of unions have enjoyed the power and high living lifestyle that the peons can only dream of. They force workers to join unions and force them to pay dues which they have chosen to give to the Democrat Party to gain favors. They have outlived their usefulness and now are no better than the Chicago Thugs that control Obama and the state of Illinois! It's time for them ALL to go!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      My grandfather was part of the historic Bloody Harlan miner union fight. He was for bringing in the unions to guarantee safe working environments and reasonable pay scales. Even he though, would say unions are no longer welcomed.
      I also was part of the union. I held the position of Legislative Representative in a high profile union in the Chicago area. This position was in charge of the PAC and other political actions.
      I can tell you as fact that if you did not follow their directives, they would make good on their threats.
      I saw this failure who is usurping our highest office for what he was when he first hit the scene, and I paid the price for voicing my opinion.
      As one who's family has long been involved in unions, I can say without reserve, it long been time to shut these 'gangs' or 'mafias' down.
      I've watched them sell out the worker too many times with no ability to stop it.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Seeks you make a great point on unions.At one time they were really needed but now all they are is a bunch of thugs.We are cutting medical help at Walter Reed but the IRS union is demanding they get there bonuses which in the millions and the chicken shit president will stay on the side lines because he owes them.I've also been in the teamsters for 30 years.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          I can honestly say all this breaks my heart.
          Unions used to be for the workers. Now they are nothing but 'politicians' looking out for their own asses.

          • Correct! I used to be in a Union and bought into their BS hook, line & sinker, but they are just about making(stealing) more money from members and everybody who gets in their way! They are the Most Un-American organization ever, even more than the GD Communist clubs & parties, ect. At least you know what they are about but the Unions…are criminal & Communist! Oh yea, did I mention, Thugs!

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            People who belong to unions who have drug testing at their place of work should ask why the union reps almost never have to take one.
            This alone would open many eyes.

      • Liberty49 says:

        I only wish others who grew up under the union cloud would speak up and also train their youth about the dangers of these mafia union thugs.

      • eagle275 says:

        7.62 NATO.

  6. We the People should organize to face such threats. Instead they call cops. LOL

  7. Pamela Therrien says:

    Many teams of electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters, etc…many working for electric companies, professional builders and so on from Alabama flew out to help with heaters, wet vacs and a myrid of equiptment but were turned away by the Unions before they could enter the area. They remarked that many states had sent urgently need professionals equiptment to repair , rebuild what was possible and make people warm and safe…I don't know if those people even knew all those people flew across the country to help and serve for free but the unions have formed blockades and turned them away, threatened and promised all kinds of trouble. This is how the Unions helped their own citizens.

  8. jack ward says:

    These unions are a threat to honest hardworking Americans. They are in just about every section of section of our government. Our congress should clean these parasites out of their sanctuary shelters of the US government. Until then we are powerless.

  9. My dad would never join a union. He told me that.

  10. Kennible Lecter says:

    I was with the electrical union in Chicago for a short time. The company I had just gotten hired by had a contract with the city to change burned out street light bulbs. It was $26 an hour to start, with full benefits and 30 paid vacation. By the end of my first year, I was promised I'd be making $38 and hour. So I'm pretty stoked about this. I get my truck (a cherry picker to raise myself up, twist a couple of fittings, open the housing and change the bulb. Even dicking around this can be done in 20 minutes. Well, my first day on the job I did 11. The next morning I got a rather frosty reception by my co-workers and that day I did 13. By the end of the week, I had changed close to 70 bulbs. The following Monday, when I came in to work, I was met in the parking lot by 3 of the "old timers". They basically told me that if I ever did more then 6 bulbs a day I would have my arms broken. And they were not playing.

  11. Thjat picture above is an old picture, taken before the disaster in Jersey and LI. I could have punched tha tguy in the leather jacket myself he was so rude and smirkin gall the time. jus tlooking ot set tempers off, I saw him, why is that pictyure uyp therte now? also no one said a word aobuit anyone who was not in the union working at the disaster site, everyone helped, jus tplain people came in and helped, no one said a word to them, my daughter lives there and has for 20 years, . Why do Republicans keep poickin gon th eUnions? maybe if thye stopped they would get a vote from htem too. The Republicans don'ty moind taking money from big business and the bankers, thats why we had ot bail them out, we owed them. I hate the fact that big business is OK but Uniosn are not. Big business is afraid it will lose it scheap labort, the new immigrants vote passed today, they are in, they hav ealready been invited into the unions. No more cheap labor.

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