Union Thugs Rewrite Your Kids’ History Curriculum

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America’s labor unions are apparently not satisfied with merely destroying much of the economy with unreasonable demands and threats. In Illinois, a new bill will ensure public school students receive a one-sided propagandistic lesson on their ostensible benefit to workers.

At certain points in America’s past, unions arguably served a noble purpose. In our modern society, however, these groups are largely led by bosses who continue to seek more extravagant benefits with little regard for the economic impact to employers. In reality, these policies very often have a negative impact on the very workers – both in the private and public sectors – that unions say they exist to protect.

Nevertheless, Democrat State Sen. Michael E. Hastings recently introduced S.B. 2682, which includes the mandate that the “study of the history of organized labor in America” be a central focus of history education in the state.

Hastings, by the way, has received huge campaign donations from labor unions during his legislative career.

In addition to studying “the collective bargaining process,” the bill would ensure students are subjected to “the role of labor unions and their interaction with the government” throughout America’s history.

The fact that public school teachers are invariably bound to their own union bosses is of particular concern to the many opponents of this bill. As Justin Hegy of the Illinois Policy Institute suggested, the proposition appears rather incestuous.

“Our students are presented with a  government-run education system,” he explained, “managed by government workers who are themselves heavily unionized, which mandates a curriculum that glorifies the role of unions. Conflict of interest, anyone?”

Illinois is one of many states with a documented history of economic distress directly caused by the selfish desires of unions and their leaders. Nevertheless, leftist leaders continue to sing their praises, even to the point of indoctrinating the next generation with pro-union talking points.

California has engaged in similar campaigns in recent years, though this bill will make such propaganda an educational requirement. American teens continue to graduate high school without a firm grasp on even the most basic skills students had in generations past. Instead of focusing on preparing our youth for life in the real world, public schools are offering a biased view of the unions responsible for much of the educational system’s current corruption.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Revisionist history. Hasn't that what the kids have been taught in public schools all along?
    How many were taught that the Colonists started out as a socialist commune? All being provided from the common supply. When laziness threatened their sustainability, and they starved for years, did they resort to the proven method of private ownership.
    So when will socialism be taught as the proven failure it is?

    Since February is 'Black History Month', why are they not recognizing that it was a Black man that made slavery legal in America? Why don't they acknowledge the rich, Black Plantation slave owners? Where is the history of Black families selling their own family members into slavery to the Spaniards?

    History has been rewritten many times. This new 'history' forced on our children as fact. Why should anyone be surprised the unions have jumped on this bandwagon?
    He who holds the power, creates the history.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Let’s teach thug unionism in schools. Where the class President is suddenly hospitalized by tripping in their house and breaking both legs and arms!

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