Unbelievable: What Obama Just Did To Israel Could Allow Hamas To Take Control Of The Conflict

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As the Israeli military continues battling terrorist-sponsored Palestinian militants in Gaza, the Jewish nation depends on missiles it has used to strike back at the relentless onslaught over the past several weeks.

According to recent reports, the U.S. government has not only failed to defend Israel to the satisfaction of many Americans, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; it is actively denying the country access to weaponry needed for its current military campaign.

Breitbart cites a Wall Street Journal report published Wednesday that indicates Israel requested a so-called military-to-military shipment of Hellfire missiles. Although sources indicate that these deliveries do not require any authorization from officials outside of the military, the Obama administration reportedly put a halt to the shipment just as the first missiles were about to be transferred.

The decision was apparently made at about the same time as a phone conversation between Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, described as “particularly combative” by U.S. officials.

Reports indicate that each military-to-military shipment from the U.S. to Israel will now be scrutinized by this administration. This additional step will slow down the deliveries that are eventually approved and, as Breitbart pointed out, sends Israel the clear message that the U.S. is no longer the strong ally it has been in the past.

YNet also covered the development, citing Israeli officials who view the Obama administration as “weak and naïve,” preferring to seek assistance from outside of the executive branch when possible.

For their part, U.S. officials reportedly feel that Israel has twisted the position of Secretary of State John Kerry and others in the administration who have urged the nation to embrace a ceasefire with its neighboring enemy.

Israel’s U.S. Ambassador Ron Dermer, however, insists that his country has no intention of burning any bridges between the two nations and values the support America has provided.

“Israel deeply appreciates the support we have received during the recent conflict in Gaza from both the Obama administration and the Congress,” he said, “for Israel’s right to defend itself and for increased funding of Iron Dome.”

U.S. authorities indicate the administration is still willing to provide further funding for Israel’s missile defense system, known as the Iron Dome. Shipments of heavy artillery, however, will reportedly remain under review.

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  1. Obama is no friend of Israel and he stands with his buddies Hamas, Obama is bringing damnation to America for the way he is treating Israel. Israel has God on their side, weapons or no weapons Israel will never be destroy nor beaten.

    God Bless Israel and Americans who stand with Israel, Israel you still have friends here in America, many of us pray for you and we know that Almighty God is with you

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right Obutthole is a jew hater,he just talks like he is on their side.All muslims hate jews and Obutthole and Holder are no different.What kills me is all the American Jews that are willing tio kiss his half black ass and pump money into his coffers.

      • Hi Edward,
        I agree with you, it is clearly that this man hates Israel and he hasn't got Israel best interest at heart and he could careless for the Christians that are being slaughter by these savages in Iraq

  2. We need a lot of accidents to happen

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole is totally against Israel all you have to do is look how he treats Netenyahu compared to some camel jockey.He bows before the heads of muslim countries while he throws snide remarks toward Israel.

  4. Sorry Israel, unfortunately we have a bisexual terrorist-supporting IDIOT at the wheel of our out-control-government. It is likely voter fraud and his own misrepresentation of citizen status did this. He is also allowing the unopposed killing of Christians in many parts of the world, so you are not alone. Maybe someone shamed him into assisting the Kurds trapped on a mountain and is providing token support against ISIS. As much as the Russians are attacking the Ukrainians (and I hope they fail) they will sell weapons to just about anyone because it seems it is all about the money with the black market there big-time producing a lot of billionaires – but their stuff does fail a lot. The Brits are supposed to be our allies, but Obama, who gave a bust of Sir Winston back to them, due the treatment in prison of his commie daddy is dissing them. They might help; you. Also they are not having a good go at it with the terrorists, who also carved up one of their soldiers on youtube, right in front of his own barracks. Made me sick to see and they do not seem to do anything – too much time in the pubs – ay? Neither are the French as the Death-loving Muslims are causing a lot of their own Koran-driven unrest there as well (just ask the people in Michigan, who had rocks (getting stoned-right) thrown at them by the people of the “peaceful religion” for a peaceful protest. Out of these 3 potential suppliers, the French seem to have the best missiles, but you would likely know better, since you are Kings Of Survival. Personally leveling the Gaza strip of the violent “occupants” (stinky word here in the U.S. to right thinking people) as it was never really a country only a conspiracy by the Islamics, would be a final solution to that area, as all the adults have drank the “kool-aid” (stuff that makes people go all stupid and make very bad decisions) and are force feeding it to their kids. I remember the “Gaza-Mommy” who would be all tickled if her child blew himself up for the cause. This is Child Abuse, so take out all the adults and take away the kids, as all the adults are too kool-aid saturated and beyond repair. The kids may have a chance and would live longer under better adult supervision, as New Israelis. You have supporters here as seen in New York where supporters of Israel squashed a Hamas demonstration, but until we dethrone the golfing, vacationing, human trafficking Idiot buying missiles from the “formerly great nation” U.S support might be a little skittish.

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