Unbelievable: Obama Just Turned His Most Dangerous Enemies Into Heroes

There is no more important item on the Obama Regime to-do list than to convince Americans that Islamic terrorists are not the nation’s most dangerous and implacable foes. “We…must concern ourselves with a different type of threat,” said A.G. Eric Holder as he announced the return of the Clinton era Domestic Terror Executive Committee. And that threat will not come from Muslim jihadists. Rather, Holder warned that Americans must be prepared for “…the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders.”

The Committee to be reconstituted by the Obama Regime was put in business by the Clinton Department of Justice in 1995, shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing. Its stated purpose was investigation and interdiction of the nefarious activities of right wing radicals. The committee would decide how best to protect the American public from non-conforming, potential domestic terrorists like those gunned down by the ATF at Ruby Ridge or immolated by the FBI in Waco.

But neither the Clinton nor the Obama Administration was interested in looking after the American people. And both failed miserably in their attempts to demonize the nation’s “radical right.” In fact, the public considered Clinton’s ATF and FBI the real domestic terrorists, especially after the wantonly violent carnage caused by Bureau minions at Waco.

Enter Barack Obama, who has plotted against gun owners—in the president’s mind, the most dangerous and determined of right wing extremists—for the past 5 years. Hundreds died as a result of his Fast and Furious scheme to toughen gun control legislation.

And in the end, not only did the 2 administrations fail to demonstrate the dangers posed by the “far right”; they created even greater mistrust of a government that was supposed to save the day by disarming those dedicated, homegrown terrorists.

Add the fact of these well-publicized, strong-arm disasters to the unequaled corruption and arrogance of Barack Obama, and it is not difficult to understand the American people taking up arms against the federal government’s BLM mercenaries at the Bundy ranch. Incredibly, Barack Obama actually succeeded in turning his most dreaded enemies into national heroes.

And more importantly, Obama wound up being humiliated by a disorganized bunch of cowboys wearing six-guns. The weakness of this American president, already so well understood by foreign leaders, was placed on full display before the American public.

Presidents who own the media can overcome a great many things. But humiliation, especially at the hands of American patriots who Barack Obama has spent most of his years working to destroy, may not be one of them.

Photo credit: Ben Templesmith (Flickr)

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