Unbelievable: New Study Has Obama As 5th Best President Ever!


In a Texas A&M study found from Youngcons.com, all 44 past presidents were ranked and here are the official results:

  1. Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln tied for First.
  2. 17 Presidents tied for Second.
  3. 23 Presidents tied for Third.
  4. Jimmy Carter landed in Fourth place.
  5. Barack Obama comes in at Fifth place.

Obama not a dictator

Senator Ted Cruz seems to agree…

Photo Credit: Saul Loeb (AFP/Getty Images)

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. HUH? What poll was that?

  2. Linda A. says:

    This has got to be a joke, It must be the opinion of a very few dimwits who don't know which way is up, who cares what this false poll says, Americans knows the truth

  3. Hahaahaaaa, I believe it!! Hahaahaaa

  4. Or, just my opinion, the fifth best, since 1980!

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  22. Floyd Browny says:

    Lies, Lies, Lies

  23. Bill the Cat says:

    I'm sure President Trump will blow him away. It's going to be huuuuge.

  24. Maxwell Murder says:

    Only fifth? Ridiculous!!!!

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    • Joe Alinsky says:

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      ~~ Roger ~~

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  38. She definately made some interesting lifestyle choices. I bet her parents are so proud. I mean 75 blowjobs a day. What parent wouldn't be ecstatic.

    • Sounds like the sort of person who would say this:

      1 day ago @ Impeach Obama Campaign – The Gov’t Just Annou… · 4 replies · +3 points
      She wouldn't take an elevator, she doesn't like to go down.

      • You f ucking faggot child molester. 20 days.

        • Travis Barker says:

          That's not the first time I've heard that about him. Yuck. I hope he has to go to court again.

          • You heard about WTE and how he spent time behind bars with his friends, and came home with a big mouth? Probably sore knees too.

          • Mike Ness says:

            He and Kevin can be cellies.

          • Still have nothing?
            Still a nobody scared and afraid that the trolls are smarter than you and if you just make up enough insults you might keep up with them?

            I wonder who the cell mates for WTE were. He sure came home with a big mouth if you watched his comments here.

          • CantonColvinNichols says:

            I like your name.

          • Mike Ness says:

            Bro Hymn?

          • Joe, you keep demonstrating that you have lost the larger debate.

            You can't say anything, you can't even pretend to think up why your failed ideology should be taken seriously.

            You lost, but then you're a complete loser so it's no big shocker.

            Get professional help.

        • Joe, posting under WTE's initials doesn't mean it's him.
          He already tried that with me, lost and while the settlement is sealed you know how he finally admitted to the truth.

          22 weeks ago @ Conservative Victory News – Stop Agenda 21 – The J… · 38 replies · +7 points
          while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
          molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

  39. Roger's last 200 spams posted in open forum. 02 Oct 2016 score (-407 points) in less than 4 days. HE IS ON A ROLL!!! Checkmate LOSER!!!! For the week approximately (-1033 points) or more hard to tell they are still falling. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alinsky beats you again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mortal Combat( Flawless Victory !)

    • I see once more you rose to the occasion and posted nothing.

      It's all you have. You are failing because you have nothing to advocate for. You're not capable.

      how nice

      • Yes Roger, How nice indeed!!

        • So, did you find another mud bog that will let you hide for a couple million years and try a second time to evolve into something smarter than mud? It might help your legal battle if you are smarter than mud, so far? I don't see it.

          It must be hard not letting the yellow streak smear…

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