Unbelievable: New Study Has Obama As 5th Best President Ever!


In a Texas A&M study found from Youngcons.com, all 44 past presidents were ranked and here are the official results:

  1. Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln tied for First.
  2. 17 Presidents tied for Second.
  3. 23 Presidents tied for Third.
  4. Jimmy Carter landed in Fourth place.
  5. Barack Obama comes in at Fifth place.

Obama not a dictator

Senator Ted Cruz seems to agree…

Photo Credit: Saul Loeb (AFP/Getty Images)

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  1. HUH? What poll was that?

  2. Linda A. says:

    This has got to be a joke, It must be the opinion of a very few dimwits who don't know which way is up, who cares what this false poll says, Americans knows the truth

  3. Hahaahaaaa, I believe it!! Hahaahaaa

  4. Or, just my opinion, the fifth best, since 1980!

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