Unbelievable: Here’s A Lift These People Were Definitely Not Expecting

Whale Ride

Almost everyone has a riveting, once-in-a-lifetime story that they will eventually tell their loved ones. I myself have a few such as snorkeling in Cancun and coming across a barracuda hidey-hole, and seemingly out-swimming it out of there. (Chances are it didn’t even move, but I seemed to be flying.)

But here is a story of a young couple that tops my story, which is also from the great blue.

Two kayakers in Argentina came extremely close to contact with a pod of whales before their boat was lifted up, as if by a ferry, by one of the majestic mammals.

The kayakers were paddling through a marine sanctuary near Puerto Madryn when they spotted and floated over the top of a pod of whales. They were ever so calmly surrounded, then slowly hoisted out of the water as if the whale was just trying to help out.

The duo captured the event on a GoPro camera; it shows just how gracefully these massive animals can be.

One of the kayakers can even be heard shouting “We’re on top of the whale, we’re on top of the whale!” in Spanish.

If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to help myself and would try my best to impersonate Dory:

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