What Holder And Obama Are Doing To This Border Agent Exposes Their Backward Thinking

Murrieta Border Patrol Station

Nearly two years ago, a Mexican teen was shot to death by a U.S. Border Patrol agent near the fence that separates the United States from Mexico. A few weeks ago, the ACLU, acting on behalf of the mother of 16 year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, filed suit against Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The lawsuit claims the boy was innocently playing basketball just before he was shot in the back. The Border Patrol claims the teen was throwing rocks across the border, endangering the agent’s life.

Now, it’s learned that Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered DOJ’s Civil Rights Division to investigate this shooting, as well as at least one other, by CBP agents in Arizona.

According to a post on the typically left-leaning buzzfeed.com:

CBP, and in particular the Tucson Sector in Arizona, use of force against undocumented immigrants and Mexican citizens inside their home country has come under increasing scrutiny over the last year, and the investigations come on the heels of a federal civil lawsuit filed by the family of a 16-year-old Nogales, Mexico, boy who was killed during a cross-border shooting by CBP.

The involvement of Justice Department headquarters could represent a significant shift in how the Obama administration is addressing violence along the border. FBI investigators almost never bring criminal charges against CBP agents and officers, and human rights organizations have accused the administration of turning a blind eye towards the border.

News of this stepped-up probe by Holder’s Justice Department comes shortly after an earlier report of a leaked intelligence analysis by CBP that brought to light serious border-security issues — problems many argue are created, or made worse by, Obama administration policies of lax border enforcement.

Here are highlights of the critical CBP analysis via breitbart.com:

Among the significant revelations are that individuals from nations currently suffering from the world’s largest Ebola outbreak have been caught attempting to sneak across the porous U.S. border….

As of July 20, 2014, 1,443 individuals from China were caught sneaking across the porous U.S. border this year alone….

Twenty-eight individuals from Pakistan were caught attempting to sneak into the U.S. this year alone….

Thirteen Egyptians were caught trying to sneak into the U.S. this year alone….

Four individuals from Yemen were caught attempting to sneak into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents in 2014 alone….

So, here we have an Eric Holder civil rights investigation underway into actions of besieged Border Patrol agents whose job is made all the more difficult and dangerous because of actions/inactions of Holder’s boss, Barack Obama.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. All the more reason to either have the National Guard or armed militia on our borders because O won't secure our borders

  2. rubeinsky says:

    This information is over one year old. So, what's new? It's clear that Obama is a Muslim. The Quran states that it's Ok to lie as long as it furthers the Islam faith. All of his decisions and his ignoring the issues on the border and in Iraq, are directly made to further support the Muslim Brotherhood. What you see happening on our southern border is the SECOND TROJAN HORSE. Do you think Obama has renounced his Muslim faith? The Quran states the penalty for doing so is DEATH. WAKE UP PEOPLE!
    While ISIS creeps closer to your front yard, Obama is on the 14th hole, and he's smiling. What bothers me most is, only seven years after 9/11, you people elect a President with a name like Barack Hussein Obama???????? What exactly did you expect?

    • ARM yourselves with bullets dipped in pork blood and lard to lube the barrel!! Let it be known that all our bullets are lubed this way! No 72 virgins for you scum bag murdering lying cowards!

    • Hi Rubeinsky,
      You are so right, I too question the name Obama, in 2008 I was listening to Fox News Shawn Hannity, and I remember hearing that Obozo was a radical that he went to a church where it was spoken God Dam America and that he was a muslim. I have always kept that in mind and with his name alone I did NOT vote for this man.

      A year later in 2010, by then I knew he was a liar and a fraud and I could NOT believe all of those imbeciles that voted for him again after he did a terrible job and the hope and change that he promised never came.

      • Edward Koziol says:

        Linda most of us know that Obutthole is Muslim dog that is why he send his dog on a separate plane because they can’t fly with dogs

        • Hi Edward,
          with that and among other signs that would be a good clue, that he can't fly with his dog, unless he is allergic but I doubt that, his name alone is a muslim name especially the middle name

    • So let him lie — six feet under I think so that his lies no longer damage our nation.

  3. Hang on whitey,Holder is out for payback and the noose is tightening and he's even after the whites that helped put him in power.

  4. Obama is in violation of his oath of office, which is an ACT OF TREASON. He and his buddy Holder should both be arrested, charged, convicted and EXECUTED for TREASON. His lies will no longer HARM our GREAT NATION!

  5. rubeinsky says:

    Rubeinsky again..thanks everyone…sounds like we are on same page. Most of what I say is my opinion, take it or leave it, or debate it. I totally agree with the charge of TREASON for both the Prez. and AG, and the only reason they have not been impeached is because they are both minorities. The people and Washington have had totally enough of both, but because of their race, nobody knows what to do with them, and they are both riding very high on that horse. Some of you may be too young to remember a young man from Kentucky by the name of Cassius Clay. He evolved as a champion heavyweight boxer, adopted the Muslim faith, and changed his name to Mohammed Ali. It is no different with Barry Soetoro, who changed his name to Barrack Hussein Obama. You witnessed what just happened in Ferguson, Mo. Imagine the chaos if Obama was impeached!( Continued next page)

    • Hi Rubensky,
      It nice to see new people as yourself, we are all on the same page because we all have one thing in common, we all love our Country and hate the fact that Barry Soetoro is destroying this Once Great Nation and he is Fundamentally Transforming it into another 3rd world nation of poverty and running it as America's first dictator by trashing our Constitution and by passing Congress, Completely Lawless

      With this character in the white house he is capable of anything, including a False Flag. I pray that when 2016 comes he will be out of office, I do NOT trust him, I believe he is dangerous and would allow a horrific event just to get what he wants, he is CRAZY EVIL

    • You can't possibly imagine the chaos if Obama is not impeached or stopped in the manner expectable for a man of his persuasions.
      If it all comes down to merely a racial issue all sense and logic would be totally upside down. And at that, neither explains nor resolves it or deeper issues. Allowing fascists to determine the dialogue leaves no one else with anything to say. It is not coloration that protects them, it is the lack of anger at being called a coward and choosing submission to these barbarians.
      We no longer have a free country with a regime that gives everything it can confiscate away even to our enemies who have pledged to kill us all. Ignoring that basic fact makes all pointless conversation another tool in the destruction of the Republic, in which the three branches are complicit in treacheries beyond sedition.
      Legitimizing this regime cannot happen by writing more laws or ignoring those that have already been written: in the collapse from their suicidal 'plan' they will be wiped away.

  6. rubeinsky says:

    Rubeinsky continuing…Pastor Jonathan Wright admitted that Obama never really became a Christian. He was coached on how to talk the talk. Wright said he made it comfortable for Obama to accept Christianity without renouncing his Islam background. (All of you must grasp this.) Wright taught Obama how to play the Christian without actually becoming Christian. When Obama visited Egypt on his apology for America tour, the Egypt Foreign Minister made it public on Egypt TV: "The American President told me, in confidence, that he is a Muslim. He asks that the Muslim world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic problems(health care), that he would show the Muslim world what he would do with Israel." Our southern borders remain wide open, while our Congress and the White House does nothing, all cleverly orchestrated in the name of Islam. Prepare yourselves accordingly, for a country without secure borders is not a country. America is in a death gurgle.

  7. rubeinsky says:

    To Dexter60..well said, and I totally agree. However, when "it" hits the fan, it WILL just come down to merely a racial issue, because that is the way the masses are programmed to think and act, and chaos shall prevail…as will martial law. I am quite certain it is being orchestrated as a false flag event in order to suspend the Constitution, as well as other issues for an excuse. Yes, I can imagine the chaos, and I am prepared for it, but so many are not. The dialogue by the facists is becoming more and more transparent for more and more people every day. The question is, what are they going to do about it? What few elected officials we have that are on the same page with us, are either scared to make waves over the race issue, or more concerned about their political careers than the corruption in Washington. Like you say, where is the outrage of the American people? That leaves WE THE PEOPLE. So, we have defined the problem, what do you see as a remedy to save the Republic? Rubeinsky

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