U.S Taxpayer To Pay Obamacare Costs For The States

Obamacare To Die For Shipping SC U.S Taxpayer to Pay Obamacare Costs for the States

This column should be about common sense.  Today’s substance is another ill-favored pill the American taxpayer may find difficult to swallow, as the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) attempts to roll out its insurance exchanges.

Unless something changes before the first of October, 31 states are using the loophole provided courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing sovereign States to opt out from the program, shifting the burden from State tax dollars to U.S. taxpayers across the country.

It is becoming apparent that these exchanges (the central nervous system of the nation’s new health care system) are becoming problematic, as now the Federal government will be forced to step in to create the exchanges in states like Illinois, fund them, and — the frightening part — operate them. Other states will opt out, choosing to pass legislation to cover their people without the need for Obamacare.

Apparently, Washington’s assumption of widespread acceptance is wrong.  The President and the Democrats who passed the Affordable Care Act failed to understand how behavioral patterns would affect the program’s success.

According to a Fox News poll done by Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) between June 22nd and June 24th,  66% of worried voters are not reassured by the president’s actions or words. And 58% want the program repealed.

Twenty four percent of employers will force employees to go to part-time.  Doctors and clinics, since the initial phase back in June of 2010, are phasing out their connection to Medicaid, the avenue in which the exchanges are to be administered at the State level. This puts the Feds at an enormous disadvantage with the need for more help and more money.

The Obama administration appears to be proving that big government doesn’t work, even with one of the biggest contributors forced into stabilizing Obamacare (the Seniors, who will be footing the bill to the tune of $45 billion in benefit cuts per year over the next decade according to the Congressional Budget Office.)

Is the Obamacare hodgepodge explosion yet to come?  Must we fasten our seat belts and hang on, hoping we are not affected too negatively?

Or, can our legislators do what they should have done and listen to the medical experts (and the people who would man the trenches) and balance the budgets? Mr. President, this will not work like you think; and that, sometimes, is the problem – one thinks!















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