U.S. Should Consider Automatic Voter Registration: Holder

Eric Holder 10 SC U.S. Should Consider Automatic Voter Registration: Holder

The U.S. should consider automatically registering eligible voters and extending voting hours to counter the November election’s long lines and administrative hurdles, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Holder, speaking today at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, proposed expanding access for voters and overhauling a registration system he called “antiquated.”

“It is important for national leaders, academic experts, and members of the public to engage in a frank, thorough and inclusive discussion about how our election systems can be made stronger and more accessible,” Holder said in prepared remarks.

President Barack Obama called for changes on election night after voters in states including Florida and Virginia waited for hours to cast ballots. Obama, while thanking voters who stood in line “for a very long time,” added, “By the way, we have to fix that.”

Lawmakers and interest groups have responded with proposals and hearings, though legislative changes haven’t made headway in the Congress.

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Photo Credit: The Aspen Institute (Creative Commons)

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  2. I wonder what his definition of "eligible" is; and "administrative hurdles". Bet $100.00 it isn't the same as mine! This gang never gives up —- it's always something. And while it's "something" over here, we don't know what's going on over "there"……….it's called distractions and they have volumes of them. They make me sick!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Is this igger for real instead of making it easier for dummies to vote we should take a test and make sure we can speak english even if it's broken.Can't wait for Holder to resign but obutthole won't let him.Sambo needs an enforcer for him torun America into the ground.

  4. “We the people…” should consider Civil War II or American Revolution II.

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