U. S. Citizens Must Take Bold Action Because Obama Won’t

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Democrapic foreign policies are non existent. They make oil prices soar which gives our enemies vast wealth. Reagan produced oil like never before which made our enemies poorer and made Russia bankrupt! Reagan didn’t need to hire a CarneyCircus “aka paid liar” to spin spin until your head came off! Reagan spoke for the people, from the heart, without teleprompters! I remember four things that Reagan wanted most: free markets, anticommunism, lower taxes, and limited government! Having been re-elected once, he’s still incapable of learning on the job. Obama has no foreign policy or foreign policy team and desperately needed a way out of the corners he paints himself into. Obhypocrite like the little feckless boy he is, will try to make a decision, but most of them just fail (since he was a nothing more than a community organizer in life) then he will put his head between his legs and scurry back inside. American’s now think of him as a little man mostly because they can not trust him after the lies upon lies, along with never taking accountability, his credibility is worthless. A true leader knows how to negotiate instead of dividing the country like a little man not knowing what to do. Under obama, Benghazi is still a coverup after 19 months, Russia now has most of Syria's chemical weapons, Iran is close to having a nuke, Russia has taken Ukraine and has become rich again with the price of oil. When will Obama learn that leadership is not looking at polls. Leadership is leading. As you have proven, anyone can LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL in the course of winning most any contest OR CAMPAIGN, but real leaders are artists at combining politics with negotiation. You always exclude Republicans from your stabs at fiat legislating. Why not unify instead of dividing us? Our United States, under God’s blessing, rose to its place as a superpower largely because of arguing men committed to clawing our way to better things by the discipline prescribed in our unique Constitution. We are therein all guaranteed a voice and access to the necessary dialog that is integral to free governance. When that ongoing, healthy argument is finally silenced by a handful of dishonest men cooperatively lying to their charge, that’s no longer politics; it is instead just the sleazy precursor to a dictatorship. But do you every deliver a speech to be a true leader instead of a total fool, to bring this country together instead of just clowning around, to inspire people to do their best for America, instead of just trust the fool here. Definitely NOT A KING like: "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Give back the Nobel you war criminal fool! I feel sorry that Obama is incapable of leading our great nation. I feel sorry for my country, once the greatest nation in the world, duped by the big rhetoric of an inordinately small man.

  2. mayhemman says:
  3. mayhemman says:

    I need a ride to D.C!

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