U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gets Kerry’s Support

JohnKerry U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gets Kerrys Support

Making good on a promise he made three months ago, reports indicate that Secretary of State John Kerry will sign a United Nations arms trade treaty this week. The treaty would regulate firearms of all sizes and, with the U.S. on board, would effectively curtail our Second Amendment rights.

Fortunately for those who support legal gun ownership, Washington insiders say that Kerry’s move will be overturned by the Senate. The treaty is “dead in the water,” according to Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who sits on the Senate Armed Services committee.

“The Administration is wasting precious time trying to sign away our laws to the global community and un-elected U.N. bureaucrats,” he added.

The National Rifle Association has been similarly critical of the treaty since it was first adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in April. The group has expressed its view that American support of the agreement would undermine national sovereignty.

Among the treaty’s supporters is the notoriously far-left Amnesty International, whose secretary general applauded Kerry’s decision to sign it.

Salil Shetty characterized the development as “a milestone towards ending the flow of conventional arms that fuel atrocities and abuse.”

Allowing the U.N., a group with its own disturbing history of atrocities and abuse, to control who has access to firearms will only make matters exponentially worse.

While we currently have sufficient representation within the Senate to block this disastrous relinquishment of power, Kerry and his fellow radicals will not stop in their mission to cede control to an unaccountable international body.

At its root, this debate revolves around the disparate views liberals and conservatives have of the American experience. While the right recognizes that our founders developed a unique nation founded on individual liberty and a representative government, leftists view us as merely another nation, no more special than any other. For this reason, they have no qualms about allowing the consensus of the world to dictate how we live.

Unfortunately, the consensus of the world is very often dead wrong; and it has historically taken the resolve and clarity of the U.S. to once again set things right.

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  1. US did not vote for treaty w/ UN John Kerry signed it. He is the lowest form of life to ever wear a military
    uniform. Vietnam peace freak who shamed the military.The only reason POTUS gave him the job!
    This will fail big in both houses. The UN wants our guns? We are waiting for them to bring us there's .

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