Tsarnaev Family Welfare Benefits Said To Exceed $100K

Dollar Bills SC Tsarnaev Family Welfare Benefits Said to Exceed $100K

State government officials, including Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, have resisted divulging any details about the welfare benefits enjoyed by the Boston bombers and their parents. This is an absolute outrage. No aspect of the welfare state should be hidden from the people who pay for it, especially when the beneficiaries become terrorist bombers.

But it’s easy to see why the government doesn’t want to talk about those welfare benefits, because WCVB in Boston has sources that claim the Tsarnaev family collected over a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of benefits from various programs over the past decade:

The House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight is reviewing hundreds of documents collected from state agencies that may have provided benefits to the suspects or their families since 2002.

Sources who have seen the 500 pages of documents sent to the House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight told News Center 5’s Janet Wu that the Tsarnaev family — including the parents of the two bombing suspects, the two suspects themselves, their sisters, the widow of the suspect killed and their child — received “every conceivable public benefit available out there.”

One source told Wu that the amount of state, federal and local benefits totaled over a $100,000 in the past decade.

Read More at Human Events . By John Hayward.

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  1. wayne mann says:

    I wonder how many more we are supporting right now with our taxpayer dollars done by this lousy Black Muslim terrorist So called president.??

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