Truth Ordained Trumps Blame

In response to my common assertion that there is a great spiritual, national, and cultural ‘falling away’ in our day (especially among our youth), a friend of mine responded thus,

I would contend that politics serves as a distraction to deeper immoral infestations that are infecting, not society, or culture, but the Church itself. Politics, society, and culture are only symptoms and indicators of the health of the Church. The politics of a society with a healthy, dynamic church will not need to “define” marriage, or address moral issues at all in the political forum.

I do agree with my friend’s contention; however, the crux of the matter is not so clear cut, nor black and white. The truth is that our government has been pushing, legitimizing, and infusing a pro-progressive, religious-humanist-agenda into the schools, the sciences, and the culture for more than half a century now.

The efforts to discredit and minimize Christianity’s influence and reach has a long, turbulent history. I would argue that much of these secular machinations have infiltrated the church. As religious humanism’s highly esteemed ‘experts’ and ‘philosophers’ continue to take control of the public square, their influence neutralizes and penetrates the ultimate, universal foundation. It’s all part of a greater, widespread, sinister deception.

Much fault lies in the church for producing ‘lukewarm believers’; but EXTREME ‘Church-State’ separation has also hurt Christianity’s influence and reach–and has had an adverse effect on the culture overall.

Have there ever been righteous rulers in the history of the world?

It may be rare, but think about even some of the high profile religious leaders that have had political influence throughout the ages, like Saint Ambrose. These were larger than life (and highly influential) figures who took on the political establishment of their day. William Tisdale, John Knox, John Wesley – these were men who took on the political and religious establishment and changed society for the better.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a more recent example. When spiritual figures find themselves thrust into a position of great influence, they ‘preach it’–and their impact is felt.

“Extreme” church-state separation and a separating of Judeo-Christian truth from ‘universal truth’ has been a severe social-cultural detriment to our nation, and it will only get worse. If you relegate Christianity to one of many buffet-style ‘truth options,’ don’t be surprised when the masses (even cultural Christians) reject it in growing numbers. When we are complicit and apathetic, we play right into their hands.

The only effective way to ‘resist’ is to expose the agendas and foundations. Faith and freedom are intrinsically linked. But faithful preachers are mocked by secular society or are written off as ‘extreme,’ while carnal preachers bring the world into the church. There will be a purging, but that should not defeat efforts to expose falsehood and call it out for what it is.

We won’t be able to live side by side.They resist us, and we resist them. They will pick us off with violence while we pick them off with truth. Jesus did not come to bring peace, but to bring a sword. But we should go down proclaiming universal AND redeeming Truth.

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