Truth: Obama Is Probably Even Losing In Oregon

Barack Obama speech hand 2 SC 300x198 Truth: Obama Is Probably Even Losing In Oregon

In 2008 Barack Obama won Oregon by 17 points but a new SurveyUSA poll shows he is leading by just 4 points. If that was all the bad news out of The Beaver State it would be bad enough for Obama, but the news gets worse when more realistic standards of voter sentiment are applied to data as presented.

In response to this news, the Oregonian (one of the foulest of the Democrats’ mouth piece news outlets) points to the difference between the numbers of registered Democrats/Republicans/Independents who voted in Oregon’s 2010 elections and the breakdown SurveyUSA used to put its report together.

By that measurement there are 5.6% more Democrats .05% more Republicans BUT 6.1% fewer Independents in the State, and herein lies a serious flaw in the Oregonian’s “happy face” analysis.

While Oregon was not one of the states caught up in the TEA party revolution in 2010, much has happened since then. For Oregon to have moved 13 points to the Right since 2008 something must be happening there. Arguing that 2010 Party breakdown numbers hold true today offers little comfort to those rooting for Obama because the national Party breakdown is 35 R 33D and 32 I as reported by Rasmussen. Since SurveyUSA uses only “registered” voters instead of “Likely” voters as Rasmussen does, Obama’s fans must choose which set of numbers they want to follow: Rasmussen which says Obama is down 7 points nationally or SurveyUSA which has him up in Oregon by 4 points and surveys a less reliable sampling group.

Then there is voter enthusiasm. The latest national survey of enthusiasm levels among both Democrats and Republicans done by Gallup shows that by 53/45 Republicans are more enthusiastic to vote. Those who doubt the enthusiasm gap is this large have to explain the numbers from West Virginia North Carolina and Wisconsin we saw last Tuesday. If Oregon is SO Democrat that it is immune to these national trends as the Oregonian would have us believe why has Obama lost 13 points since 2008?

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  1. I would like to comment on the RINO Bonehead bending over backwards for his buddy Holder, but the page wont open. Bonehead is a traitor like the rest of the disonest trash that ran on the Republican ticket when they are really liberal leftwing socialist democrat lawless CONSTITUTION HATERS. Obrahma bull has lost the majority of support from every State. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar and a cheater. Dems can't win anything without cheating. The Dems and RINODEMS are proud to destroy everything and blame Republicans.

  2. HtmlSymbol says:

    It’s incredulous to think that anyone, regardless of race, faith or party would vote for a Muslim-Marxist implant that is destroying the constitution, country and your freedom. To vote for this imposter and new Hitler is akin to commiting suicide!

  3. rich Hill says:

    Obama will lose Oregon in November. I took a poll of our homeowner's association a week ago at a meeting and Romney is ahead by 10%. That is a major shift from when I took a poll in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. The trend is Romney's friend and there is nothing on the horizon to suggest that Obama will gain any lost ground – especially since the word is getting out just how bad he is. Every time he opens his mouth, he either slams someone or lies about what he did or will do. Obama is a big time loser and people in Oregon are finally waking up to this fact. We want Romney!!

  4. If Oregon is waking up to this treasonous bastard's tricks–OREGON!!!–there is hope.

  5. Tired of lying socialists politicians says:

    Ha ha I gotta agree with the article where it says the “Oregonian” (the liberal socialist rag newspaper) headquartered in the socialist city of Portland, is the “foul mouthpiece of the liberal socialist dumbocrats” but you have to remember that Portland is on the north end of the “socialist I-5 corridor” that runs from Portland (on the northern border), south as far as Eugene. There’s also a hot bed of the liberal socialist slime balls in one southern county (Jackson Co. also on I-5 where it enters Or. from Cali) that also voted for Obozo in ’08. The rest of us are pretty normal :-)
    We actually used to be a red state before that lying f*ckstick Clinton lied & slimed his way into the presidency. My sister actually voted for Clintoon because she thought he was good looking. Note to self : kill sister …. Unfortunately since Clinton, the lazy liberal bast*rds have outnumbered us & keep voting all the socialists into office. Oregons’ problem is that all the liberals from Cali (most are either relatives of Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and/or voted for them,) keep moving up here & now they outnumber us. If they ever took a poll in my county, or anywhere else in Oregon, other then the liberal places I mentioned, they’d see a different result.
    ObozoI .001%
    Anybody else 99.99%
    I only know of 2 people who voted for Mombasi Prince here. One of them believed his lies & didn’t do his homework (and also didn’t listen to those of us who did), & the other one is just too stupid to live.

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