Trey Gowdy Brushes Aside Death Threats, Lays Out His Plan For Investigation

S.C. Rep. Trey Gowdy, the former prosecutor picked to head the U.S. House’s Benghazi investigation, recently appeared on Fox News to provide some details regarding what his goals will be.

Host Megyn Kelly began the segment with a video clip of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton complaining that, regarding the Benghazi attack, “some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward.”

Gowdy shot back that she could “add to that the family members of the four murdered Americans, because they still have unanswered questions.”

He concluded that in his job in leading the select committee, he will focus on getting answers to some very important – and heretofore avoided – questions.

“There are three separate categories of questions,” he explained, “each with subunits within them that have not been answered. I realize it’s been 20 months, but time is no barometer of thoroughness. My daughter took Latin for three years. She still can’t speak it.”

Kelly asked how this round of questioning will differ from Clinton’s last appearance before Congress, which she described as “a series of speeches from the lawmakers without that many probing questions.”

Gowdy promised to take a different, more direct approach.

“I’m committing to getting the answers,” he said. “And it may be in the form of a deposition which, as you know, Megyn, as a very good attorney, which you once were, that is the route that is most conducive with eliciting the truth. It’s not five minutes of pounding your chest in a committee room. It’s a deposition.”

There is only one way, he concluded, that Clinton can escape the interrogation that has earned him a reputation as an effective prosecutor.

“Well, if she can get out of a subpoena, she can get out of it,” he concluded. Otherwise, he said she will be on the hook to provide details regarding the cause of – and the administration’s reaction to – the terrorist attack.

The interview concluded with Gowdy’s response to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s complaint that the committee consists of seven Republicans and only five Democrats.

“As the president famously elects to say, elections have consequences; and the consequences of the last U.S. House race is that we’re in the majority,” he affirmed. “And I hasten to add when she was in the majority and she had a chance to constitute a select committee, she certainly did not constitute it equally, nor are any of the Senate committees equally constituted.”

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    for every death threat against Trey, there should be 100 against obama

  2. Lemme' guess what will happen if Hillary is subpoenaed. "Oh no! She's suddenly fallen ill with something that requires a stay at the hospital. She's temporarily a vegetable for the duration of this hearing. Oh well." Just watch. She'll make herself conveniently unavailable somehow. Well, like these death threats, I hope Trey won't take any of that crap. His resolve should be, "Too bad. You bring Miss Clinton here on a gurney if you have to."

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Fennec is right and thanks to Karl Rove she will use the concussion as an excuse. If I was Trey Gowdy I'd be looking into the Clintons for the death threats and Obutthole .

  4. Nov 14, 2014 – Trey Gowdy was wrapping up an interview with Megyn Kelly. BEFORE Trey Gowdy's Select committee was formed concerning Benghazi, FIFTEEN of the people who were speaking to congressional investigators were murdered! … claim is that someone is having Benghazi investigators murdered,

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