Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman Both Victims Of Black Leadership?

Trayvon Martin Protest 5 SC Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman both victims of Black Leadership?

Through their actions, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have become forever entwined in the history of race relations of America.

Both had cell phones.

One saw what he thought was suspicious activity (someone walking on someone else’s property, between houses, late at night) and called the police. Because he was not in the street, but between houses, Zimmerman apparently continued to follow Martin. He did so against the advice of the 911 operator, supposedly to get an address.

Allegedly, at this point, Zimmerman was attacked and beaten, leading to him shooting his attacker.

Trayvon Martin, the other man in this case, recognized that he was being followed and possibly in danger of attack. He was not attacked; the mortician said there was no evidence of any physical violence upon Martin’s body, nor any defensive scratches or bruises. Martin did not call anyone, did not report his fear, and did not report what he felt was suspicious activity or something possibly illegal.

Apparently and allegedly, without any physical provocation, he attacked Zimmerman, breaking his nose and beating his head repeatedly into the ground. At this time, he was shot and killed by Zimmerman.

Did Zimmerman’s actions (before the physical altercation) constitute stalking? Yes.

Is he partially responsible for triggering the events that followed? Yes.

Did any of his actions constitute a physical threat to anyone? No.

Did Zimmerman attempt to call for assistance in what he thought was a security breach in his community? Yes.

Did Martin’s actions (before the physical altercation) constitute trespassing or anything a reasonable person would consider suspicious? Yes.

Is he partially responsible for triggering the events that followed? Yes.

Did his actions, (before the physical altercation), constitute a physical threat to anyone? No.

Did he attempt to call for assistance or ask the person on the phone to call for assistance when he thought he was being followed or threatened?  No.

Did he physically attack the person who had been following him? Apparently and allegedly.

Trayvon Martin would be alive today had he called the police when he thought he was being followed or threatened.

Jesse “Rainbow Coalition shakedown” Jackson, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Louie “I’ve been on a UFO” Farrakhan, Eric “screw civil rights for whites” Holder and President “the cops acted stupidly” Obama are all responsible for Trayvon’s death. Their continual racist positions poison the minds of our black youths against the police.

Their collective acceptance and support of the lack of cooperation and wall of silence surrounding the open drug sales and lawlessness in the black community, as well as their failure to lead or even speak out on the crisis of black-on black-murder and violence, proves they’re not fit to lead. They don’t care about these issues, other than to keep them inflamed for their own race-driven ends.

Their continual grandstanding and denigrating those trying to protect Americans in the street on a daily basis have led to a lack of confidence and outright hostility towards those one would turn to in times of trouble.

Martin and Zimmerman are both victims of race-baiting leaders and their policies.

Who has the courage to call out the real perpetrators?

Photo Credit: werthmedia (Creative Commons)

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  1. wow. you racist assholes are lower than whale shit.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      How interesting of a comment when you are the first one to make one, and all the other comments have no racial comments in them.

      Yours was the ONLY racist comment, asshole. Enjoy your whale shit.

      Didn't you learn from Martin you can't fight on your own? You need your "group" and you have none on the internet?

      You failed.

  2. I believe that Zimmerman will somehow be turned into the villain. This story has been blown out of reality and diluted with lies, fabrications, allegations and race baiting. So what happens if Zimmerman is found not guilty? Another Rodney King race riot? Another reason for the black population to clean out more stores?
    Indiscriminately assault innocent people of other races specifically due to race? Burn cities to the ground destroying personal wealth and furthering more hard times? Thanks to the president and the race baiting community leaders for further division of our country. This shouldn't be black- white but should be right-wrong with justice prevailing!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm have to agree with you the courts need a sacrificial lamb so that the boons won't riot.It doesn't take much for them to go crazy and with Al"the snake Sharpton leading them it's inevitable.Al must need a colored TV.

    • Damndifiknow says:

      George Zimmerman is as white as Obummer. His father, I believe, is from Peru and his mother is white, or the other way around.

  3. HIJINX60 says:

    This article may not be "PC" to some, but it is the truth. Since the Zimmerman-Martin event, five blacks raped and mutilated a white man then over four days repeatedly raped and mutilated his girlfriend. Both whites were killed. Also a white couple that had been married over sixty years were beaten and the wife raped and killed. The husband, at last report, was fighting for his life. Have you heard of these?? I doubt it. Most people haven't because the couples who suffered are white and under this Holder-Obama administration they don't count. BILL BUTLER.. YOU ARE RIGHT ON TARGET.

  4. mr_bad_example says:

    trayvon got his justice, he's landfill now, ain't he?

  5. FinaBiscotti says:

    Wow – Fantastic article!

    "Martin and Zimmerman are both victims of race-baiting leaders and their policies."

    Who has the courage to call out the real perpetrators?

    YOU did….and we will pass this article around.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    I have a question that someone out there can answer.Why when showing Trayvon do they always show a picture of him when he was in 3rd grade not what he looked like when he bought the bullet.You don't see Zimmerman when he was 17 or younger.

    • David F. says:

      It's one of the Main Stream Media's tricks. They show a picture of Zimmerman when he weighed more (a 5 year old picture), and a picture of Martin when he was younger (prior to his thug days), so it seems to the average person watching those "News" shows that there was a big difference in weight. That way they can say that Zimmerman weighed over 100 lbs more than Martin and should have been able to fend off Martin. In all actuality the weight difference between Zimmerman and Martin was only 30 to 40 pounds. It's all about "Illusions" that people see on those news channels to conform to Liberal and untruthful Racial thinking

  7. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    The black community has once again proven just how “intelligent” they are. Sorry that this is a “racist” comment, but what is, IS! And it’s a fact people, as Seeks_the_truth says, they can’t fight one on one, and my dad used to say the same thing, they run in packs, like mad, wild dogs, and can’t fight alone, but need their packs to make sure they win any fight, that THEY USUALLY START! This “race war” did not just start. This “war” has been simmering for a long time, the blacks want to feel “put upon” and they will use any excuse they can find, whether digging in a dumpster, or through garbage to start one. I use both words, “dumpster/garbage” metaphorically, for it is genuine garbage that their whining and screaming is most usually started with. Someone says a word the wrong way, or someone crosses their eyes at them, and the “race (war) is on”! Most of the time, the damn fools don’t even need an excuse to scream and squall, they want more of everything, and will bellow over nothing. White people offend them all by just breathing most of the time. That’s a fact, and all of us whiteys know it. They blame the white people for the fact that THEIR OWN ANCESTORS IN AFRICA SOLD THEM TO THE SLAVE TRADERS AND HAD THEM SHIPPED OVER SEAS TO THE OWNERS OF PLANTATIONS! THIS WAS OUR FAULT APPARENTLY, THAT THEIR ANCESTORS IN AFRICA WERE AS GREEDY AS ANYONE ELSE AND WOULD SELL THEIR OWN MOTHERS AND CHILDREN TO MAKE WHAT WAS A “BUCK” BACK THEN! No, YOU IDIOTS, WE DID NOT SELL YOU FIRST! YOUR AFRICAN ANCESTORS DID! It was called then, what it’s called now, SUPPLY AND DEMAND! WHITE PLANTATION OWNERS ONLY BOUGHT WHAT WAS FOR SALE! SO, BLAME THE ONES WHO WERE TO BLAME! AFRICANS! NOT “african americans” BUT THE REAL DEAL, A F R I C A N S FROM A F R I C A!!!!!! Learn something for a change, learn YOUR OWN HISTORY BEYOND THE PART WHERE YOU WERE BOUGHT BY OUR WHITE ANCESTORS AND YOU WERE IN FACT, SOLD TO THEM BY AFRICAN TRIBAL LEADERS AND WARRIORS! Yet, you idiots want to go about with the phrase, “african american”, ……….well, take your AFRICAN SELVES BACK TO THE LAND OF YOUR FATHERS! Maybe you will find happiness there, and LEARN TO WORK IN ORDER TO SURVIVE! Or, how’s this for a scenerio, go back to africa, and get your useless selves killed by your own “people”, those africans that you all try to emmulate so pitifully and pathetically. With the stupid names that are not American, and even LESS of african sounding! I cannot bear such stupidity as you people display, and that is the reason I have finally had a stomach full of your stupid and deliberate IGNORANCE! And that is the reason I am so INSULTING in what I write! I am sick of the lot of you with your never ending moaning and carrying on about “how hard done” you are, living here in a country that treats you better than anyone ever treated any other race of ungrateful and useless tits! Absolutely USELESS, all of you! And I am sick to death of that stupid name, “trayvon” get over it, the kid got shot for being stupid. what did he expect, that he was gonna be a hero and beat the snot out of Zimmerman, and his sorry race of fools was going to then make him a warrior hero? Instead, he is now a “dead hero”, to you dimwitted crap for brains blowhards and idiots. You are all disgusting displays of wastes of any species on earth today! We white PEOPLE, we ALL for the most part, wish you would leave and go live in your “beloved africa”! I make no apologies for the way I feel towards your species, for you make none in your unfounded hatred of me and my own race, the WHITE PEOPLE!!! (people) as opposed to those species who are not…………….

    • Devasahayam says:

      They proved that once more–as they have done so repeatedly including the somewhat similar (see below for similarities) between this case and 1998 Tyler Cummings case.

      (*) both cases involved American black males of shady character being shot dead by non-US born non-blacks (Zimmerman was born in Peru, Helen Cummings in England). As far as shady character: Trayvon Martin was an asbo (best proof of this Al Sharpton's showing up at all–especially in response to a call from Martin's parents) and Tyler Cummings an abusive womaniser
      (*) both cases came to trial for 2nd-degree murder — for shot fired in self-defence
      (*) in both cases, charges of racism were raised after the shooting–in the Cummings case, after the trial (which resulted in acquittal of then-33-years-old Helen) by Tyler Cummings' brother (who didn't at all acknowledge that US justice system is stacked in favour of USC's rather than foreigners such as Helen Cummings)

      I expect Zimmerman to be acquitted as Helen Cummings was.

      And you raise some other excellent points. The so-called leaders such as Sharpton/Farakhan/Jackson never even weigh-in against slavery which goes on in Sudan–till recently victims were predominantly South Sudan Christians, but more recently Darfur Muslims (almost cent-percent of Darfuris are ethnic African Muslims) have become increasing percentage.

  8. Devasahayam says:

    Why on this site do my comments putting harsh truths need approval?

  9. All I can say, it's about racism but not by whites this time. Farrakan has over 50,000 followers and he preaches hate of the white man and the Jew. All these racist in just one group and then, we have the self-proclaimed NAACP leader Al Sharpton who cries racism every chance he gets. Add to these two the supposedly New Black Panther group and you have over 80,000 black people shouting racism. Their directors Obama and Eric Holder have brought them together under their control and command. Obama's own security force. It's not that most of their followers hate whites, it's more that they harbor resentment in one form or another, whether justified or not, they found a leader to follow. The tragic story of Zimmerman and Martin is only one of many being played out across America, it just happened to be the one to garner all the media's attention. The racism agenda of this Administration is to divide and conquer. It's a whole new game than what was played out in the 70's when the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground were trying to cause a revolution with their violent attacks on society. Today, they have found their Leader in the White House. Obama is a great organizer and has an agenda and a riot in the streets right now is not beneficial to him. Obama's Wall Street Mobs, Flash Mobs and La Raza, all with the support of the Unions and Radical Muslim group CAIR are all set to make their move beginning May 1st, 2012. The racism attack is just a side-show to the big one. Their true targets are Black against Whites, Rich against Poor, Greed of the Oil Companies, Greed of the Banks, Greed of Wall Street and, if he didn't need the votes of the Jews I have no doubt it would all be blamed on the Greedy Jews who control everything. Obama leaves that last one up to his minions to defame like Farrkan. Zimmerman and Martin are just victims of the times we are living in yet again.

  10. Trayvon was NOT “pursued”, “chased”, “tracked” OR “HUNTED like a RABBIT DOG.” Everyone that used those words in this case ARE MENTALLY DEFECTIVE, DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOTIC, OUT OF TOUCH with REALITY.

    If I am on the expressway and I take an exit and the car behind me take that same exit is the driver of the car in “pursuit”, “tracking” or “HUNTING” me? Of course not the driver is just following me since he is a friend and following me to my home. Or he could be angry and is “following” me to give me a piece of his mind (which there is legal precedence for) because he believed I did something wrong. IS he an aggressor? NO!!! and no sane person would be live he is UNTIL he actually assaults me.

  11. cont.
    Say I am driving along and I run a red light. That is seen by a Police officer what does he do? Does he “follow” me? “chase” me? “track” me? “HUNT” me? Or does he “PURSUE” me? It is obvious to a SANE, RATIONAL, LOGICAL, person that the Police Officer IS in “PURSUIT”. What makes the difference? The Police Officer “INTENDS” to CATCH me. If one is just being FOLLOWED he has NO INTENT to CATCH the object they are FOLLOWING. Is the Police Officer “chasing” me? Why? Because he is IN PURSUIT. He “intends” to catch me and not just “chase” me until. Well that is unless I do NOT stop. Then he IS still in “pursuit” and the lay IDIOT will wrongly call it a chase. But the Police Officer’s action did NOT cause me to drive away it would me my own decision to not be caught.

  12. cont.
    I know it is all SEMANTICS. Well SEMANTICS makes the difference between and mentally health person and a MENTALLY SICK person. Did the parent spank the child or did the parent BEAT the child. Just SEMANTICS. Right.

    Then the only thing that those who go to college really get is a DELUSION of GRANDEUR.

    If Zimmerman “pursued”, “chased” or “tracked” Trayvon then he also HUNTED HIM DOWN LIKE a RABBIT DOG.

    All of you that used anything other than what is true, that he simply "followed him. ARE PSYCHOTIC!! and should be put on Anti-psychotic medications. NOW!!!

  13. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    these “african” idiots who are out in mass and screaming for “justice for trayvon” are only making themselves look even stupider than they did before. None of them even knew this little “dead hero” and didn’t even know his name, until he became their “dead hero”! He is dead now because he attacked the wrong person, and a person who was not tracking him nor meant him any harm, UNTIL he started the fight that got his stupid self killed. He asked Zimmerman if he had a problem……..and as it turned out, he had the bigger problem with the bullet that ended his useless life. And I mean USELESS when I say it, because he was just one more USELESS BRAIN DEAD black idiot who had no other reason to live, other than to hate white people who looked at him, and they didn’t even have to “look at him the wrong way” for him to hate them apparently. Just LOOK at him, and he figured that they had a “problem with him”, as do so many of these “africans” . I no longer give any of them the benifit of the doubt, for they do not give me any benift of anything anymore. Never mind the benifit of the doubt concerning our different races. I am white, so being white, I must be a “racist”. This was not true before this thing in office was elected, and gave me reason to become racist, because I do not like him or anything about his MU SLIME beleifs. And he IS a diseased MU SLIME! That name alone screams MU SLIME! And THAT is why I do not like him and why I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM! It had nothing to do with COLOR in 2008, but had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE NAME BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA! HUSSAIN ALONE WAS OFFENSIVE ENOUGH TO ME! But over time, I was accused of being “racist” so many times, that I finally just accepted it and have gone on with being one, I have no choice now. Because now, the races are more divided than they were before, during, and after the First Civil War, and I say “First Civil War” because there is going to be a Second Civil War soon……….very soon. So I am now on the side of my own people, the WHITE people who are only about to DEFEND AND PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND ALL IT MEANS TO ANY AMERICAN! If you ask me why I am a “racist”, I’d have to tell you “because I was given no other choice” by the species known as both “black” and as “africans” who live in my country and have been treated so very well for the past 100 and more, years. I no longer call them black Americans, for they do not want to be called that, they want to be called “african”……….and I refuse to add the precious RIGHT and NAME of AMERICAN to that word. One cannot be both. One is either an AMERICAN, or they are an “african”. And my advice to these “africans” is to leave here, no one will stop you, leave here and go back to the land of opportunity, Africa, and live your dreams of being the africans that you all seem to have. I would be happy to see every one of you leave here and be happy in your Native land. Where your “brothers and sisters” are now killing one another over such things as religion and power………….and this time boys and girls, it is NOT THE WHITE MAN WHO IS KILLING YOUR “african brothers and sisters”, it is ONCE AGAIN, YOUR OWN RACE WHO IS OPPRESING AND MURDERING YOUR OWN “RACE”!!!!! Just like it was when YOUR OWN “race” of AFRICAN BROTHERS WHO CAPTURED AND SOLD YOUR ANCESTORS INTO SLAVERY! GO BACK THERE AND PUT A STOP TO THIS, IF YOU CAN!!!! Or, more like this, if you care! And, you really DON”T CARE DO YOU! YOU BUNCH OF WHINY LITTLE CRYBABIES! You have it too good here in the country who “misuses and abuses you all”! You are TOO LAZY TO GO TO AFRICA AND HELP YOUR OWN KIND! You like the Soft Life that AMERICA AND AMERICAN WHITE PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN YOU AND STILL GIVE YOU! hypocrites!

  14. BLACK LEADERSHIP……Is this a political oxymoron laced with racism?

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