Top Teachers Union Apologist Sends Her Children To A Private School!

School Bus SC Top teachers union apologist sends her children to a private school!

NEW YORK – There are many organizations that are little more than union mouthpieces, parroting the anti-choice, anti-accountability line. Many receive their funding from union coffers.

One such group is Leonie Haimson’s Class Size Matters. Haimson has been a fierce advocate for government-run, government-funded, one-size-fits-all schools. She dismisses school choice merely as “corporate” reform.

But interestingly, while she defends union schools, she doesn’t actually send her children to them. No, instead, she spends her time blocking parents from exercising school choices she’s able to afford.

From Gotham Schools:

Leonie Haimson’s career as a New York City education activist started when her older child was assigned to a first-grade class with 28 other students. That was in 1996, and since then, Haimson has advocated for public school parents — through her organization, Class Size Matters; the blog and online mailing lists she runs; and the national parent group she helped launch.

But her personal stake changed last summer, when Haimson ceased to be a public school parent. Her younger child started at a private high school in September, following a trajectory from public to private school that her older child, now an adult, also took.

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  1. She wants to keep the "lowlife" kids in pubic skool (sp intentional) so her "highlife" kids will not have to put up with them and can get an edjamacation with out being "dragged down" by them. Imagine that.

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