Top Obama advisers Jarrett and Axelrod given car privileges traditionally reserved for national security officials

By Jon Ward – The Daily Caller

President Obama has expanded the very small group of top aides who are given the privilege of taxpayer-funded personal drivers — who take them from their house to work and back home again each day — to include two top political advisers.

The Bush White House did not give the same privileges to any of its political advisers, according to former Bush administration officials. There is a record of the Clinton White House doing so once for two months, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller.

Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, both senior advisers to the president, have been given the luxurious and prestigious perk of being picked up at their homes and driven to work or around town throughout the day in government vehicles chauffeured by military drivers, according to a list of those given the benefit provided to The Daily Caller by the White House.

In addition, Jarrett has been made a “protectee” of the Secret Service, a spokesman for the agency said. It is not clear to what extent Jarrett receives protection. Neither the White House or Secret Service would comment on the matter.

“We don’t discuss the scope or nature of protection for any Secret Service protectee due to operational security concerns,” said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan.

But except for a few weeks after 9/11, political advisers to Bush such as Karl Rove did not have Secret Service details with them except for the rare occasion where they gave a speech where protesters were expected.

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  1. There's "change you can believe in"!

  2. What a waste of tax-payer money. As far as I'm concerned those two clowns can take the city bus to work and home every day. They are contributing to global warming.

  3. Believe me these two had communist mentors!! Hopefully there is a bomb in the trunks of their new cars ??

  4. Here we go with modifying rules-what should be called being a TRAITOR- Obama illegally assumes office and made numerous promises or lies-with him it is a 78% probability it is a lie -and he is vacationing and campaigning at our expense.I see his crook buddies get some perks too now- meanwhile back at the cardbard box some poor unemployed real citizen is suffering because of Borak Obama- personally- is to blame-and he should tell the truth and say how he lies and deceives us all and is not qualified to be president- he said so once to college students about not being born in the U.S. and not being qualified- and this admittance should have been taken to heart by congress-and they are to blame too for being so worthless as to fumble the ball time after time-BORAX never should have been allowed to be voted for- to begin with.

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