Top 3 Ways Obama Has Left The World In Ruins

Since taking office, Barack Obama and his foreign policy team have neglected numerous global problems and fixated, instead, on the crescent of countries where Asia, Europe, and Africa collide.

At this point, the results have been nothing short of disastrous. From the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf, there’s barely a country in the region that hasn’t withered under Obama’s touch. Thanks to his handiwork, the United States is weaker than ever… and an already-fragile region is bordering on chaos.

Of course, Obama doesn’t deserve all of the credit. His Secretary of State, John Kerry, has amassed an impressive track record of his own.

For example, Kerry’s single-minded obsession with the Israeli versus Palestinian conflict has yet to provide any results. In fact, this past week, Kerry’s dream of either a successful Palestinian state or a two-state solution officially died.

In his arrogance, he believed he could solve the epic struggle for the land of Judea that has raged on since at least 1000 B.C. In the end, though, John Kerry joins a long list of diplomats who’ve been unable to solve this conflict.

Kerry was downbeat and depressed as he told the AP about the failure: “They say they want to continue. But we are not going to sit there indefinitely. This is not an open-ended effort. It’s reality check time.”

The Palestinian official, Yasser Abed Rabbo, countered to AFP: “Israel has a habit of evading agreements and conventions it has signed… That is why conditions for future negotiations must change radically.”

Not to be outdone, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni denounced Palestinian attempts to join numerous UN conventions and treaties ahead of any comprehensive agreement. He said Palestine “has breached its obligations by applying to the United Nations,” and that “if they want a state, they need to understand that it will only be established on the negotiating table.”

And That’s Just the Beginning…

Moving on, let’s take a look at Kerry and Obama’s efforts to end the Syrian civil war. First, Obama drew a red line, threatening to take out Bashar al-Assad if the dictator used chemical weapons. Assad then cleverly used Russia’s protection to thwart Obama’s plans, making Obama look incredibly weak.

On the ground, Syria has become a ruin of dead civilians, refugee camps, and the sort of intense ethnic bitterness that leads to prolonged fighting.

What’s more, Russia has poured millions of dollars’ worth of weapons into Syria, and the civil war is now at a stalemate. The negotiations for a political resolution have quietly died, and Obama and his team look powerless to achieve any of their goals.

Across the Persian Gulf, Obama’s diplomatic efforts in Iran have done no better. Today, Iran isn’t any closer to giving up its nuclear weapons program than it was before the United States compromised with the radical Shia government.

Obama gave up the leverage of economic sanctions and gained no concession in return. Unfortunately, Iran now seems destined to provoke a wider war or gain entrance to the club of nations with nuclear weapons. The Iranian nuclear program has also greatly undermined regional stability.

That’s part of the reason the Saudi leadership is seeking a new partner to guarantee its safety. At this point, China and Russia are both potential patrons for the Arab kingdom.

Similarly, Egypt is looking for new friends after U.S. agreements with the Muslim Brotherhood nearly turned the country into an Islamic revolutionary republic. And let’s not forget Libya, which is slowly making the transition to a radicalized, Sharia-governed state.

Everywhere you look, Barack Obama’s attempts at peace and stability are in shambles. The people on the ground are poorer, the countries are less safe, and human rights abuses have skyrocketed.

The moderates in the Arab world need to pray for a more realistic leadership in the United States before the entire region descends into chaos.


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  1. His foreign policy is just as effective as his policies here. Can only hope that we survive his last couple of years.
    Oh by the way I found this really cool t-shirt. Check it out!

  2. Obama is a walking disaster for our Country and around the world, but lets not give all the credit to Obama. If Harry Reid had any decency and morals to begin with he would had expose this fraud a long time ago. Harry Reid new from the start of 2008 that Obama was NOT eligible nor had the experience to run our Country with only 2 years as Senator and a community organizer

    How in hell did this happen? giving the most important job to a nobody incompetent like Barry aka Obama, these are the consequences and now we all suffer

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right about Reid he is like the kings jester back in the real olden days.Dingy Harry is one of the biggest phonies going.

      • Hi Edward,
        I can't wait for this coming November to Vote OUT dirty little Harry Reid and Nancy Pelsoi the Dingbat and the rest of these democrats, especially Chunky Schumer. These people all of these democrats are responsible for allowing this mad-man to continue in destroying the Country and the world.

  3. As you walk through the failures of Obama throughout his administration, let me ask a question…. Suppose you walk through the same issues and use the words that Obama wrote in his book about 'who he will side with should the politics of the Middle East turn in a different direction', NOW UNDER THIS SCENARIO HOW IS THE FAILURE WORKING OUT FOR YOU…..WHAT DID OBAMA SAY TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN EGYPT? LOOK IT UP….
    Today the MB is more powerful in the area than they have been in decades…..And Israel is in more peril day by day…. So how has Obama been doing….. America is weaker in all of our positions in every method of accounting internationally…. and we are domestically in a complete meltdown… Hmmm, would you say that the United States has been FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED FROM WHERE IT WAS IN 2007? GO BACK AND REVIEW WHAT OBAMA SAID IN HIS SPEECH….. THEN TELL ME HE HAS BEEN A FAILURE!!
    We cannot stand for anymore failures like this in the future…..

    • well said Al in everything you said, you are right we can NOT stand nor afford anymore failures. I pray that there won't be any False Flags before 2016 so we can vote in a good man who cares about the Constitution and Country

    • By our standards Obama is a failure but… by his…. he is a huge success. He’s totally destroying our country.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    The people of America that voted for this half black idiot got what they deseved,it's too bad the rest of us have to suffer.We knew in the beginning that Obumhole didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and he has proved it.Obumhole is controled by Val Jarrett who happens to be a muslim and no matter how you dress her up she is still a raghead.How could Obutthole appoint John Lurch Kerry to anything after all he was the Viet Nam coward who betrayed the American military

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The history shows more than 3 reasons. The islamic movement in Tunisia unseated the government in 2011, it became known as the Arab Spring (muslim brotherhood and al Qaeda) that then toppled Mubarak in Egypt, then toppled Gaddafi in Libya, which obama wanted instead of defending our allies Mubarek and Gaddafi. Syria would of been obama’s next target until Americans stopped him. Now Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, North and East Africa, and all of the Middle East are seeking new allies like Russia or China. obama will NOT stop Iran becoming nuclear. Israel has already given up land for peace and have gotten nothing from the Palestinians, while obama threatensd Israel to go back to their 67 borders leading Israel to give up on obama defending them. obama just lets Americans die because he doesn't believe in what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. obama is letting N. Korea alone with their nukes antagonizing S. Korea and threatening us with an EMP. obama lets both Russia and China laugh about his inactions in Syria, Ukraine, and the Japanese islands. The Marxist Muslim usurper squatting in the WH believes that foreign policy is simple: Let the Smartest Man and Only Adult in the Room pontificate; and the world, awed by His charisma and His brilliance and stunned by His ever-so-subtle nuances, will fall into line and do exactly as He wants them to. obama doesn't care about anything (or any country including our allies) but his agenda to make America communist. obama has pissed off more people in America and in the world than any other "leader" in history, we can only compare him to Hitler without a military.

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