Too Many What? Here’s The Bizarre Reason Houston Is Suing This Disabled Couple’s Landlord

Photo Credit: Hequals2henry (Creative Commons)

Jorge and Maria Ramos are both disabled Houston residents who do what they can to supplement their meager monthly income. Jorge, who is blind, and his wife have found one way to do just that by holding daily garage sales at their home.

In an effort to comply with any applicable ordinances, the Ramoses went as far as securing a state permit allowing them to operate a home-based business. The City of Houston, however, had a different idea.

According to a local report by News 92 FM, a municipal lawsuit has been filed against the couple’s landlord after the city claims it received a complaint from a neighbor. The report notes, however, that there was no similar action taken against another nearby residence at which daily garage sales are also held.

Jorge and Maria’s son, Robert, thinks the city is unfairly targeting a couple he claims “barely even make [enough] to pay the bills, the rent, the food, and all that.”

He said his parents are not able to afford a lawyer to represent them in the suit and doesn’t know what they will do to survive if their garage sale venture is shut down.

Houston officials, however, seem adamant about pursuing the case, noting that, despite their permit, such sales are restricted in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the city maintains that it will use the fact that this couple sought out a permit to hold the daily sales against them in court.

Response from the public is varied; however, a majority of online responses seem to indicate a feeling that Houston overstepped its bounds in filing the suit.

One commenter suggested that Robert “should check out this neighbor” who also holds daily garage sales to see if this is where the complaint originated.

“The neighbor may be using complaints to force this couple out of business,” the comment stated, “so he can operate without competition.”

Photo Credit: Hequals2henry (Creative Commons)

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