Too Bad Spineless Obama Can’t Vote “Present” In Face Of Radical Islam

Barack Obama’s spinelessness seems to have him caught in a pincher.

From his earliest days in public life, Barack Obama has done as little as possible. Whenever he has been presented with a choice, he will either worm out of the situation (as his disgraceful record of voting “present” shows) or completely ignore the matter at hand.

Obama’s spinelessness is most prominent in his refusal to confront the dangers posed by the savages masquerading as “The Religion of Peace.”

Faced with a demand to respond to Islamic terror attacks, Obama has hidden behind ridiculous, insulting language such as calling the Fort Hood murders “workplace violence” and ordering that the term “Muslim terror” not be used.

Now a bunch of savages called the Boko Haram, following the commands of Sharia Law to murder non-Islamists, has kidnapped some 300 Nigerian schoolgirls and is threatening to sell them into sex slavery or kill them.

During her tenure as Secretary of State, and doubtlessly on orders from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton steadfastly refused to designate Boko Haram, a group that sees Sundays as “Murder Christians Day,” as a terrorist group.

The world sees Boko Haram as Islamic terrorists, but Barack Obama doesn’t recognize the existence of “Islamist terror” – he won’t even use the words. This presents a problem for a little man trying to portray himself as a “tough guy” who knows how to deal with terrorists.

Dealing with the Boko Haram will require more than saying how “awful” their kidnapping of the girls is and posting an embarrassing picture of Michelle Obama begging seventh century savages for civility on the internet.

This is one side of the pincher for Obama. The other is the awakening of Gay Hollywood to the savagery of Sharia Law’s commandments on homosexuality.

Last Monday, a group of Hollywood’s “fabulous” people turned out to picket in front of a hotel owned by the Sultan of Brunei because he has implemented Sharia Law in his country. Somehow, the truth of what Sharia Law really means has penetrated the liberal haze that hangs over Hollywood. Suddenly, all of the pretending that opposition to Sharia Law is something only “mean bigoted conservatives” do is gone. The reality is that even under a Republican government, being stoned to death for being gay doesn’t actually happen in America; but it most certainly does happen where Sharia is the law. At last, this has gotten through to Hollywood’s gay community; and they are taking action.

They’re not picketing a conservative radio station; they’re picketing a Muslim hotel. Suddenly enlightened, they have finally come to understand that supporting the “voting present” president could be dangerous.

“Voting present” won’t easily get Obama out of this bind now that his gay supporters are finally listening to the warnings about Sharia. They may very well succeed where we have failed. Gay Hollywood might be able to force Obama to do something about the threat from Sharia.

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  1. The WH Faker cannot produce a valid BC or let us see his blocked credentials but you can bet he is more that glad he has the tax paid security provided for a real POTUS……Would it not be a great thing to have a real man in the WH and one who knew how to act like a real man?

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Progressives and hollywood bleeding hearts are devoted to destroying America, in Florida every single Democrat voted to force Sharia Law. The vote was 24 Republican votes for America and 14 Democrapic votes for al Qaeda. Here is an outline of the horrors of Sharia Law.
    1) There would be no freedom of religion because Sharia supports only Islam.
    2) There would be no freedom of speech.
    3) There would be no protection for homosexuals, Christians, or anyone else Islamists don’t like.
    4) Rape victims would be executed, and those who were not executed by the state would legally be murdered by their families as “honor killings.”
    5) Women would not be allowed to vote, drive, go to college, or show their faces in public.
    6) Little girls as young as 8 years old would be forced to “marry” men three and four times their age (this is what their disgusting raping prophet muhamed did).
    7) Women would not be allowed to be treated by male doctors they were not related to.
    8) Stoning as a form of execution would be sanctioned for women caught in adultery.
    9) Women would be forced to wear burkas in public.
    10) There would be no pig farms or dogs, and public schools would be forbidden from serving anything but Halal–style food.
    11) Alcoholic beverages would be forbidden, and cab drivers who suspect a passenger is carrying alcoholic beverages (or Christian or Hebrew bibles) could refuse them service.
    This supposed tolerant “religion of peace” is instead an intolerant “religion of garbage”.

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