Tone Deaf: What State Dept Mouthpiece Just Said Shows How Out Of Touch Obama Admin Really Is

Photo Credit: Twitter/Jen Psaki

This week has been defined by world events, most notably the intensifying battle raging in the Gaza Strip and a commercial jetliner reportedly shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border.

The response to such developments is where the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State can shine – or fall flat. According to the response to a tweet spokesperson Jen Psaki published Thursday evening, most observers seem to believe she falls into the latter category.

Instead of dedicating her social media presence to either of the aforementioned international events, she instead chose to celebrate an article on women’s empowerment.

The overwhelming majority of responses delivered a common message describing the trivial tweet as ill-timed and shortsighted.

Some suggested Psaki came across more like a gossip columnist than a government official.

Others suggested the post could not have been intentional.

In the end, however, a number of Americans apparently feel such an out-of-touch response is just par for the course under the Obama regime.

It is obvious from the backlash that Psaki has done little to remedy the disillusionment many feel toward the State Department and other federal agencies.

As Western Journalism reported, when Psaki did speak out about the intensive Palestinian attack on Israel, she elicited widespread criticism for her insistence that the Israeli army must work harder to prevent civilian casualties — despite the fact that Hamas admittedly advocates the use of human shields at likely targets in Gaza.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Jen Psaki

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