A Frightening Glimpse Of How The World Now Sees America

Photo: L. Todd Wood

We have spent our way into oblivion and weakened our ability to project power and our ideals as a country.  We have even watered down those ideals so they stand for nothing.

The world misses us.  The world misses an America that stood for freedom and democracy and the rule of law in the face of danger.

I have seen this feeling of loss firsthand from people who depended on us.  Many may have railed against our mistakes in the past, but that criticism was from under the comfortable blanket of American security.  That security is gone, and the world is scared–the free world, that is.

As I walked the barricades of Maydan in Kiev, Ukraine over the last few weeks, this feeling of depression is evident among what is left of the protest.  As I discussed with many of the Ukrainian patriots their fear and concern about what will happen to their country, I noticed a torn, dirty, almost blackened remnant of an American flag flying over one of their tents.  The image struck me in a very emotional way, as a symbol of their people’s last desperate hope in America. Maybe they will come and help us at last against this naked aggression?  Now they simply are scared for their families in Eastern Ukraine as the inept Ukrainian army fights Russian proxies.  They just want personal safety and a job, no matter the political circumstance.

They have given up on the United States.  It’s a sad sight to behold.

The world has seen America neglect to support the Iranian uprising.  They have see us support the Ukrainian Maydan revolution with nothing more than meals ready to eat, and have seen Syrian president Assad use chemical weapons against his own people fourteen times after agreeing with Russia and the United States not to.  They have seen the president of the United States look weak, indecisive, and at worst complicit in supporting Jihadists around the world.  How else do you explain the release of five hardline Taliban commanders from GITMO in secret, for an American deserter and collaborator with the enemy?

This weakness and loss of purpose has long term consequences worldwide. People all over the world used to see us as the white knight, a nation they could depend upon. It gave them the courage to fight aggression and evil, knowing it was possible America would be in their corner.

“It’s as if America is destroyed”

Now they will have second thoughts.

They will go with the flow instead of standing up for freedom. I have even experienced this emotion from ordinary Russians.  After the fall of the Soviet Union, they may have been jealous and harbored secret wishes for American failure in the past; but they respected us.  There was a deeply held understanding of what we stood and would fight for.  That feeling is gone.  I had dinner with several Russian friends in Moscow recently, and the one reaction I received from them over and over was one of disbelief.  “It’s as if America is destroyed,” they said to me with flabbergasted looks on their faces, unable to really believe it.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    All I can say is they all hate us but they'll take our money and we are stupid enough to give it them.

  2. oldtimered says:

    Obama is not weak and lazy. He is doing everything he has said he would do to us. Destroy our economy and standard of living. Destroy our military. Destroy world peace until the communists and Muslim terrorists rule the world. I don't see why everyone is so hard on this imposter criminal.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Linda you'll have to refresh my mind and I'm to old for this texting lingo but what is POS.Now had you said POD I"d take it to mean pussy on drugs

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama announced that he won’t go to war for anything, he gave the go ahead for international chaos, and he wants chaos by releasing American killers that will kill again, or take hostages at will. He left Tunisia in chaos, Egypt in chaos, Libya in chaos, Syria in chaos, Crimea and Ukraine in chaos. obama will now restart the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. obama is just an arrogant, incompetent putz who has caused: a less perfect union; established injustice; has destroyed domestic tranquility; removed money and support for the common defense of this nation; made the general welfare of the nation worse; made our liberty less secure now and into the future; AND made the world unstable, volatile, and doubt our freedom, democracy, and rule of law. All because of a weak, indecisive, Jihadist supporting community organizer, instead of a leader of the once most respected nation in the world.

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