Time To Focus On Religious Freedom

Gay Marriage SC Time To Focus On Religious Freedom

Same sex marriage is one those issues that ignites the fury of the entire political spectrum.  Many conservatives are keenly aware these days that demographic trends will soon render opposition to gay marriage obsolete.  This appears to be not a matter of if, but when either the courts or a majority of Americans approve same-sex marriage in a lion’s share of states.

So the question is: How can social conservatives ensure that the impending legalization of gay marriage does not infringe upon their places of worship?

There is a dangerously presented false dichotomy where the gay marriage debate is concerned.  Too often, people want to paint the issue as simply bigoted on one side or immoral on the other.  There is, however, a third set of people who believe gay marriage is not a threat to their lives and is essentially already a political reality, but who wish to ensure that if it is ushered into law without trampling all over the religious liberties of those who might be less supportive.

Many conservatives have concluded that they do not want government to discriminate against gays, but neither do they want for example Christians to face discrimination from the state for their beliefs regarding sexuality or marriage.  Many are dismissive of this threat, but it is a real concern for those Christians, and others, who do not want to see their churches being forced by government to accept or promote something they are diametrically opposed to.

At any rate, it should be a concern for all citizens to ensure the government is not in the business of forcing churches, mosques, or synagogues to accept, reject, marry, or divorce anyone.

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Photo credit: Dave Schumaker (Creative Commons)

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