Time To Declare A War On Liberal Stupidity

 Time to Declare a War on Liberal Stupidity

America is not the “social issue fixer-upper in disrepair” Progressives make her out to be. Instead, America is the “world’s last great hope” and will continue to be, just as soon as we are able to get our head above the water economically.

The wave upon wave of “wars” on race, women, class, and now gay marriage  were devised to sink this magnificent “city on a shining hill” into the depths of the sea and replace her with a European-style socialistic utopian theme park I affectionately call “Progressive World.”

Progressives, there is a much simpler way to get to that happy place filled with e-ticket rides and no work: Hop on a plane to Greece and send us a postcard to let us know how it’s working out for you.

God bless them; it seems Progressives honestly thought the sun, moon, and planets had lined up just for them that magical Greek column-themed Inauguration night in 2009 when Democrats owned Washington.

President Obama and Democrats had two years to do something about gay marriage if they wanted to. Instead, the president waited to make his “public service announcement” until now. Obama made no promises; he simply stated his opinion. The shrewd politician he is, Obama understood the power of words and threw out a few to rally his base and raise Hollywood big-dollar campaign donations — which goes to show you that intelligence is not a prerequisite for fame.

Rally, he did; within days, Newsweek canonized Obama as America’s “First Gay President” and plastered his face on their front page, rainbow flag colored halo and all. I shall bite my tongue here for further comment and leave the editorializing to readers.

Especially during these days of pending economic ruin, the “war” on gay marriage is a waste of time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that as long as gays stay within the same legal boundaries we are all bound to, they can do whatever they want behind closed doors. It’s their business. I’m sure the GOP would be happy to accommodate them with reasonable things like hospital visitation rights. Sexual activity is between an individual, God, and the fly on the wall and has nothing to do with civil rights.

Conservatives must sit this one out and let nature take its course. If liberal men marry men and liberal women marry women and those who want to abort their babies do so, it won’t be long before liberals will “social right” themselves out of existence. In this case, patience is a virtue conservatives should wholeheartedly embrace.

Meanwhile, our ship is sinking, and Democrats are dressing themselves for dinner.

Focusing on non-issues intended to pit Americans against each other rather than acknowledging the iceberg we’re about to crash into was an exercise in futility. How far this one, who once promised to bind us together, has fallen.

It truly is “still about the economy, stupid.” Maybe someone needs to declare a war on “stupid.”

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  1. D.Marie says:

    Great article!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, let's start with D.C.!

  3. The Democratic Party should be called the Party of Stupid.

  4. Could it be said any more forcefully . . . they'll fail to breed, and stupidity will de-evolve with them. C

  5. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    The fact, and I state FACT, that this homosexual “revolution” is just one step too far in the eyes of God, is the one step that will ultimately doom our nation, and us in the end. It is written, in both New and Old Testaments, that this is “an abomanation in the eyes of God”. I have heard the homosexuals scream that it is not in the New Testament, but it is, I looked it up, and it is mentioned twice, in two of the books there. And in both instances, it is “an abomanation” in the eyes of the Lord. So, any way you want to “slice it”, it is wrong, period, and over and out. The Bible tells us that God will judge each and every one of us on our own merits, our own lives as we lived them, here on earth. So the homosexuals will also be judged by God Almighty, on the day of Judgement. The rest of us will be judged for our morals also. We will have to give an account for our deeds, and for what we did or did not do as per God’s Commandments, not per man’s orders, or commands. And, if we do not stand up for God today, in this life, then on that day of Judgement, we may not be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is each of us who will have to decide which we will serve, God, or man………….the choice is ours, so we should be careful of whom we choose to serve. We may one day, be called to stand before the court of man, and for our beleifs, we may have to die a physical death, a human death, but that is the one death that we die here on earth. On the day we are called to stand before the Throne of God, in God’s Court, we are in the Last Court to be known anywhere, and what we stand for then, will be the ultimate of all of what we ever stood for, and it had better be the Right Choice. Otherwise, we die a thousand deaths, over and over, for eternity, in hell. Choose not to beleive in heaven or hell, that is your choice, but it will be the wrong choice if you make the wrong one. I choose God, and eternity in a place where there is no death, and there will be no more tears and suffering, and eternal life with Jesus Christ. I can only hope that the rest of you do the same. In heaven, we will have no obamas and his kind to worry about, and no one can ever take from us the liberty and freedom of true happiness. Eternal life, or eternal death, the choice is ours to make.

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