Tim Pawlenty: We Need More, Bigger Unconstitutional Wars!

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

In election years, candidates inevitably promise voters they will do more than their opponents. In practice that usually means increased debt-spending and expanding unconstitutional encroachments on liberty. Now one Republican presidential candidate has doubled-down on the most blatantly illegal action of this presidency, saying Barack Obama has not gone far enough in waging war-by-decree in Libya — and those who want to follow the Constitution are bead-wearing hippies bent on dragging America down in disgrace.

On Tuesday, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty gave what he dubbed a “major” foreign policy speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. In it, Pawlenty pouted, “parts of the Republican Party now seem to be trying to out-bid the Democrats in appealing to isolationist sentiments.”

“America already has one political party devoted to decline, retrenchment, and withdrawal,” he said. “It does not need a second one.”

He fleshed out what he meant in the speech — calling on Obama to “commit America’s strength to removing Ghadafi” and recognize the rebels as Libya’s legitimate government. During a question-and-answer session afterward, TPaw agreed with President Obama that the War Powers Resolution “does not apply” to the war in Libya.

In March, Pawlenty told students at Vanderbilt University that getting Congressional authorization for a war, as required by the Constitution and the resolution, is “a very complex matter and it’s not something that lends itself to an easy answer.” He added, “we need to make sure we don’t tie the executive or the commander in chief’s hands so tightly that he or she can’t respond in an emergency quickly or in a situation that deserves and needs a quick response.” Pawlenty told the CFR on Tuesday he would consult with Congress “as a courtesy and gesture of respect.”

His speech and his attack on his fellow Republicans raises (at least) 15 questions this author would like to ask Gov. Pawlenty:

  1. You have stated the War Powers Resolution does not apply to the war in Libya. However, the administration’s best lawyers disagreed with your assessment. Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly sided with them. The highest legal scholar in the administration to hold to your view is Harold Koh, who advocates “transnationalist jurisprudence,” who once branded the United States a member of the “axis of disobedience,” and who often co-authors articles with members of the Center for Constitutional Rights — a pro-terrorist legal house founded by Marxists. How can a self-identified “conservative” find himself to the Left of Eric Holder? If elected, will you rely on the advice of Koh or others of his ideology?
  2. The Founding Fathers clearly placed the war-making power in the hands of Congress alone — in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution as well as their deliberations before its passage and their practice following its adoption. Since the Constitution has not been amended, what legal precedent do you believe suspended and nullified the Founders’ intentions?
  3. Since you do not believe Congressional authorization is necessary to initiate hostilities, at what point, if any, would you consider Congressional authorization necessary to continue military interventions abroad in which American personnel or weapons were killing or attempting to kill foreign nationals (referred to as “hostilities” in the War Powers Resolution)?

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  1. c j chase says:

    O a is a D K!. You hit it on the head!

  2. Mike Tanco says:

    Obama continues to show America that he has no idea what he is doing. His Atty. Gen. is a bigger idiot than he is. Now he has decided to have meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The man is a liar, he's still a Muslim and he is trying to destroy the United States. The American people had better wake up or we're going to be another Germany when Hitler took over. Mike Tanco

    • He has to find out what the Muslim Brotherhood want him to do now. I figure it will be to take action against the terrorists inside the USA that according to him and his staff would be you and me. Martial law perhaps? Ruling…his words….I will RULE by executive order, can really ruin us if we don't get some help and pretty darn quick…… heck at the rate he is going, he may RULE that elections are no longer needed…..people better get a grip and get this man out of Washington…Pawlenty at least showed his true colors early so he's an easy scratch…as if he ever had a snowballs chance in hades anyway. Peace to you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful 4th…maybe we should make THIS 4th like the one from so many years ago?????

    • wnettles says:

      As I understand it, the military has the authority and the duty to court marshal anyone in the military who engages in activities that are unconstitutional, illegal, or in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Conduct. It also has a responsiblity to remove officers and enlisted personnel that display or are suspected of insanity, treason, espionage, derision, or mental incapacity. I believe that the Commander in Chief has established himself in many, if not all, of the above listed states and activities. Why has he not been removed and court marshalled?

      Congress, also, has a duty to police our "leaders". As such, many of the same type of gauges apply to Mr. Obama under civil and criminal law. Why is he not being led away in handcuffs and leggings? Does no man or woman in Congress or the Supreme Court have the guts to stand up and demand the truth from Mr. Obama? Or, is there no justice in America anymore?

  3. Now, it’s evident to me, we don’t need Tim Pawlenty or any other like him to take the place of the fraud in the W.H.

  4. AmericansRon2U says:

    I guess Pawlenty was trying to impress the 'new world order' crowd at the CFR. He just showed his true colors. Pawlenty is OUT. He can join Romney, Gingrich and Huntsman and the rest of the CFR elitists and stay the heck away from the WH. I'm so tired of these idiots in DC and local govt. who don't know the U.S. Constitution! The American citizens are more versed in the Constitution that the politicians…that's beyond pathetic!

  5. Anonymous says:

    WTF!! Well, there's another politician I'm not voting for now; he can kiss my ass!

  6. Well I for ONE do think this is Good News to know just what HE Is! don't YOU?

  7. pure rino at its finest !

    no vote for you now not that you whould win any dam way.

  8. Tony Cook says:

    Well if there was any doubt that Timmy P. is ready to be president then there is no doubt now! The man is as clueless as Obozo! The Constitution is NOT something you consult as an after thought, it is the LAW of and basis for our system of government! IF you don’t understand this Timmy, then get out of politics and take your stupidity somewhere it can’t damage America.

  9. Tom Kiker says:

    I think that once this statement about the Libyan conflict becomes more publicized, once more Republicans learn about this, Gov. Pawlenty will lose whatever support he has, and there will be no chance for him to win the nomination!

  10. When this fool finally opened his mouth he really spewed out tripe. He's a governor of an American state, pity them. Let's add his name to the list of people to kick out of America.

  11. Alexander Kaminski says:

    There is no evidence that Obama was born in the USA. The released by Obama birth certificate on April/27/11 was found by a number of experts to be a forgery. Besides Obama has shown his disregard for US Constitution, breaking the highest law in the Country. What are we waiting for? Obama should be removed from the oval office, as soon as possible, before he will make more damage to our Great Country. He should be impeached by US Congress immediately.

  12. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Another traitor. One of many. And since none of them have to obey the “law”, why do the rest of us have to? The highest law in the land, and it is being stomped on, dumped on, and trashed, yet these traitors expect our support for their agendas……which are to trash every law that they should obey, while we, the people have to obey all, and are punished if we don’t. Somehow, this does not even start to add up to any form of right that there is. It seems to me that they know nothing except how to lie and steal, and send our family members to “fight a war” that is only to their benifit, certianly not to OUR benifit. What exactly is IN this “war” in libya for us? Nothing, as far as I can tell, not one damn thing. There is money in it for them though, bet your asses on that, for that is what “wars” are basically started over, MONEY! Someone WINS SOMETHING! And, it sure as hell isn’t we, the people who “win”. We only lose our family members, so that they can become richer and more powerful. This “TPaw” person has an agenda, his own……..and it is not because he cares about us, we, the little people who put him where he is today. By the “little people” I mean we, the POOR peons of America. There is no respect for us at all in these abusers of our Constitution!!! And, even LESS RESPECT FOR THAT DOCUMENT! They would willingly and without a shred of remorse, set it on fire and be done with it, just to have their own way. They have no respect for the history, (IF they even KNOW history) of the Constitution, which says to me, that they have no respect for us either. We are being disrespected with each word that drops from their lips, each time they and the Liar in Chief open their filthy mouths! Flush the toilet and clean the septic tank……….AMERICA NEEDS AN EMEMA!!!!!!

    • We are supporting the overthrow of a legal government in Libya. We have become what Russia said we were. World Class Bully`s. Which legal government is the next one for us to overthrow?

  13. The Presidential GOP candidates are slowly killing themselves off. I wonder who will go the distance without self destruction? PLEASE, HURRY UP SO WE CAN GET BEHIND A TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE! Also the ONLY WAY a true CONSTITUTIONALLY CONSERVATIVE PRESIDENT can accomplish the task of getting this country back is by ALSO REMOVING THOSE IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE who are helping Obama to destroy our country!

  14. Craig Vandertie says:

    Pawlenty is a brainless bastard among being a war mongering, profiteering scumbag. Clearly he has something to lose by Ghadafi remaining in power. What imbeciles like him do not realize is that it is fact that the majority of the radical insurgents that flooded into Iraq after the fall of Hussein were from Libya. Us so called unpatriotic traitors as the the true treacherous sleaze ball Pawlenty refers to us know ousting Ghadafi is only going to give control to ruthless, intolerant of non-Muslim people people control of Libya. Sadly our worthless self interested politicians realize that when the next attack occurs against U.S. citizens it will not be them, because their posh life style protects them against personal harm from ruthless ignorant fanatics.

  15. SEAN MURRY says:

    Pawlentty is an ass clown i wouldnt vote that POS.

  16. fluffy12 says:

    I heard Pawlenty speak and was all set to vote for him if he was on the ticket. NOT NOW!

  17. I had the wonderful experience of having Pawlenty as my governor. It's funny that he was a pretty liberal so-called republican until he decided to run for president. Then he decides to become a conservative but as we see from this article his true colors are already showing themselves. I trust not one politician on the face of this earth. They are all phony and wouldn't know how to tell the truth even if they had a gun to their heads demanding it. Eventually, due to their stupidity, we see what they are really all about. It's just too bad that so much damage always occurs before we open our eyes and see it.

    • I have seen plenty of reports that Trick Perry is a Conservative. I can only laugh. I would have to flip a coin to decide whether to vote for him or Eric the camel Holder or obama sin ladin, or comrade clintoon, or jimmy carsalesman, or any other liberal piece of crap you can name.

  18. MaggyAnn says:

    I am 73 years old and never in my life have I seen such a sorry excuse for a President! Why or How this guy was able to con enought people to believe his bullshit about his education tells me that we have a lot of brain dead Natural Born American Citizens in this country! What suckered them in was Barack being the first "Black President". Big Whoop! Look what we got stuck with because people voted for him because he was BLACK! I WONDER IF HE WAS PURPLE, GREEN OR BLUE, IF THEY STILL WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HIM?? The people I know who voted for Him, voted because "They wanted TO Give Him a Chance" ! Well Folks how long does B. O. have to prove himself before you realize you made a Huge Mistake and this Guy is A First Class Con Man who will never GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO BE RICH! Yep, all the Obama Supporters DID DRINK THE COOLAIDE! NOW ALL OF AMERICA IS PAYING THE PRICE FOR THIS "CHANGE" HOW MUCH CHANGE DO YOU HAVE LEFT IN YOUR POCKET SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE? DO YOU STILL HAVE A JOB SINCE THE CHANGE MAN TOOK OFFICE?? MOST LIKELY YOUR ANSWER IS NO!!

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