Three Election Day Silver Linings

Photo credit: tango.mceffrie (Creative Commons)

By merely looking at the results of the major elections held across the nation Tuesday, it is obvious that conservative candidates took a hit. Most notably, Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli – a Tea Party favorite – lost his bid to radical leftist Terry McAuliffe.

Upon closer examination, however, a few underlying trends seem to set a much more favorable stage for the political right as next year’s midterm elections approach.

Primarily, the Virginia race was much closer than many imagined, especially considering the extraordinary amount of money that poured into McAuliffe’s campaign from his high-profile Democrat supporters.

As the election cycle winded down, Cuccinelli wisely focused his campaign on opposition to ObamaCare, which resonated with many voters and was likely responsible for the final tally being so close. Expected to lose by a large margin, Cuccinelli proved that substance and ethics can be as effective as wealthy donors.

Additionally, as members of his party sailed to victory in Virginia, New York City, and other locales across the nation, Barack Obama’s approval rating continued to fall. For the first time in his presidency, polling Tuesday showed that less than 40 percent of the public approve of his policies.

The news looks even worse, considering Obama’s latest rating puts him one point lower than George W. Bush’s approval following his much-maligned response to Hurricane Katrina.

Finally, Colorado elections seem to reflect a nationwide fatigue regarding taxes. As the Obama administration continues to look for opportunities to confiscate more and more money from taxpayers, voters in that state roundly rejected an initiative that would raise about $1 billion in funding on the backs of hardworking residents.

There is no doubt Democrats have plenty to celebrate about in the aftermath of Tuesday’s results. If conservatives can build on the momentum currently building against big government leftism, however, reports one year from now could paint a much different picture.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: tango.mceffrie (Creative Commons)

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