This WJ Reporter Was Getting A Tour Of An Israeli School… Then Hamas Started Launching Rockets…


On a fact-finding mission to Sderot, Israel (which is one mile from the border with Gaza) today, I learned what it was like to be rocketed by Hamas.

I had been escorted to the top of a Yeshiva (religious school) in the small town to get a better view and was sitting taking pictures of Gaza in the distance.

Then the claxons went off.

The Iron Dome missile system shot about 15 volleys to intercept the incoming Kassam rockets. I took cover behind a rooftop wall. One rocket got through and landed about 50 yards away in the backyard of an elderly woman’s house.  The shrapnel from the projectile impacting the ground tore through three surrounding houses. There were children all around, and it’s miraculous no one was killed.

This happens up to forty times a day in this village.  The voice you hear in the background is the Israeli alarm telling people to take cover.  This village over the last year took 2500 rocket impacts alone.  This has been going on for ten years.

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