This Was Not The Greeting These Burglars Expected

While strict gun laws in leftist-controlled states like New York and Illinois create communities of sitting ducks, residents in states like Texas do not have that problem. It might seem that prospective home invaders would recognize the difference; however, a group of criminals in the San Antonio area apparently missed the memo.

According to local media reports, the three criminals attempted to force their way into a home early Sunday morning, though whatever plans they had were quickly derailed upon entering. The trio discovered one of the homeowners awake and alert, ready to greet the uninvited guests.

A battle broke out and, despite being outnumbered three-to-one, the resident got the upper hand when a firearm entered the picture. Police are still uncertain whether the gun belonged to the homeowner or one of the intruders, though it is clear which party received the brunt of its force.

One burglar was shot and killed, while the remaining two attempted to escape on foot. A short time later, both were caught and taken into police custody. A female in the home was injured during the altercation, though she is expected to recover.

This incident is yet another cautionary tale for those living under the rule of anti-gun politicians. A firearm is the great equalizer, allowing one individual to effectively fend off three intruders during a surprise attack in the middle of the night.

Such anecdotes do little to change the mind of those who hate the Second Amendment and believe stripping law-abiding citizens of their rights is the most effective way to reduce gun crime. For those freedom-loving Americans currently residing in such regions of the country, however, this is just one in a series of similar stories that provides a tantalizing incentive to move.

Though leftist media suggest otherwise, gun-grabbers do not represent the prevailing sentiment in America. Millions of free-thinking citizens realize our founders were quick to institute a right to bear arms because doing so is the surest way to protect all other rights.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. You need to understand that the Liberals don't hate guns. They hate the fact that the general public has guns. Once they can get the guns away from We, the People, they will use their guns to control every thing we do.
    As long as we have guns – and outnumber the guns they have by a vast majority – they are afraid to try to control us.

  2. Wiseoldlady says:

    Absolutely…cannot control us unless they have everyone's guns. Don't think it will ever happen per comments I have read. We need to find a deserted island somewhere and send all liberals there. The world would be a much better place. But of course their neglect in character would create climate change in the area with a rush of toxins and free healthcare and stealing from a 7/11 to pay for their marijuana plus their love of GMOs and high rail ….they can live in their small minded little world.

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