If This Soldier Had Been For Gun Control, This Story Would Have A Different Ending

Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

Tales of rampant violence are common in Chicago, a city that saw 11 deaths and 60 injuries resulting from shootings during the Independence Day weekend alone. CBS reports there were also six police-involved shootings in the city during the same period.

One potential victim, however, was prepared when a 22-year-old began verbally assaulting him and his friends as they left a party on the Fourth of July.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Denzel Mickiel placed a cup on the roof of a car that belonged to a female partygoer. When she removed the cup, he reportedly became irate and began screaming at her.

A short time later, reports indicate Mickiel returned with a gun and began shooting at the woman and those with her. One of her friends, however, happened to be a soldier and concealed carry permit holder.

Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain claims the serviceman took cover, drew his weapon, and returned fire. After firing twice, hitting Mickiel with both shots, the group was able to escape.

Two additional individuals continued firing on the four victims as they sped away in two separate vehicles. One young woman in the group was hit, reports indicate, and sustained injuries to her arm and back.

Mickiel was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. Still hospitalized Sunday, a judge ruled he be charged with attempted murder and held on $950,000 bail. The remaining two shooters have yet to be identified.

Had a member of the military not been carrying his firearm as violence broke out, the victims would have been completely unprotected from the hail of gunfire. Nevertheless, many on the left – including leaders in crime-ridden Chicago – believe the best way to reduce gun violence is by making sure law-abiding citizens remain unarmed.

That position might be a tough sell among this group of partygoers – or any of the potential victims across the nation who have witnessed an armed hero prevent a massacre.

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