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In 1918, a pitifully frightened and mentally challenged Irish immigrant named Mary McLoughlin died at age 68, in the Little Sisters of the Poor Home For The Aged in Brooklyn. Mary came to America with her family in 1870, but had to live with them all her life because she needed almost constant attention.

She never married and was always just a sweet loving aunt who spoke English heavily laced with a County Mayo accent.  In 1918, during the height of the Great Flu Epidemic, the family she lived with had to make a painful decision. Since the breadwinner, who was my grandfather, was a stevedore who had thus far escaped becoming sick (by living in a warehouse with other dockworkers doing the same thing), my pregnant grandmother was unable to care for her three children and her Aunt Mary by herself.  With nowhere else to turn, the family brought Mary to the Little Sisters Of The Poor and asked them to care for her.  These selfless Catholic Nuns took Mary in as if she were their own aunt. No one who has had any contact with these wonderful women of God would be surprised to hear of this.

Now here we are almost 100 years later; and because of changing demographics, the Little Sister’s home in Brooklyn has closed. The Sisters have adapted and moved on. They have continued their work with no direct help from the government, which is as they want it. Nevertheless, those wonderful women who took Mary in a century ago would be shocked to hear their Order is now under attack from an anti-religion (and more to the point, anti-Catholic) Department of Justice.

The Little Sister’s focus is on the value and dignity of each person’s life. Yet the American government, under the guise of a law that we had to “pass to find out what was in it,” seeks to compel the Sisters to provide contraception and abortion services in their employee health insurance plans.  More than this, despicable creatures of the Left have started referring to the Sisters as “weasels.” They cavalierly dismiss their defense against having to violate Catholic doctrine to satisfy a secular government as “absurd.” These creatures hate the Sisters for having the courage to fight back where so many others have just smiled and given in to the threats. The Department of Justice is claiming that the Little Sisters of The Poor are not entitled to an exemption because they are not religious enough.

The Sisters have won a stay of this edict granted on Dec. 31 by Justice Sotomayor. This fight is sure to go to the full Supreme Court. How it will be decided is uncertain, but what is clear is that this attack on Christian religious freedoms is unquestionably a glimpse of what Democrats will do once amnesty gives them total control of our government.

Watch this brief video from the Megyn Kelly show, then please donate to help support the work of the Little Sisters of The Poor.

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  1. Seem non u.s citizen are more covered than u.s citizens get that Muslim out the White House this idiot done enough get him out

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I'm not catholic, nor agree with the catholic religion. But guess what. At the base, it has no bearing on this. In fact, for arguments sake, let's take religion out of this equation. When your right to chose what to buy and what you need is taken, you have lost your freedom. Period. (to quote oblameo) This is far more than just a religious right. It is the basis of freedom, and the loss of. When the government walks in and tells you how you must spend your hard earned, begged for, traded for, money, we no longer have a free society. We are under socialism. This isn't even about the government spending your tax money you are forced to give to them. This is about the government telling you how you will spend YOUR money. So not only attack this charitable group on their religion but attack their very freedom. The Supreme Court BETTER rule in their favor.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks I'm catholic but your right take any religion away and no government should be allowed to dictate what you should or shouldn't have.If nSandra Fluke can't spend a buck on condoms then it's her fault if she gets knocked up.Also I don't think insurance plans should pay for Viagra.If a man can't get it up and wants to get laid then pony up for the magical pill.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        So you understand, I wasn't attacking catholics. I was just pointing out on how many levels this is wrong.
        It makes no difference what it is. It could even be a bag of potatoes. A person should not be forced to make a purchase unless they want to.
        It's clear who has a gun to Americans heads.
        Attempting to force a person/group to make a purchase that goes against their religion is even worse and an unforgivable act.
        We used to have something called Freedom.

        With insurance paying for birth control/Viagra, that's between the insurer and the insured. There are more uses for these medications than just the sexual use. (That's both) Point is, the insurance should have the right to cover or not these medications. You should have the right to buy insurance that will cover them.
        There should always be choice for all. That's called Freedom.

        If I was Sandra Fluke, I'd hide under my bed and never show my face again. I'd be that ashamed and embarrassed.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I can't belelieve the tar baby is going after a religious organization that does the work these nuns do.

  4. oh the things i really want to type on here!!!!! But I'll withhold.
    I'll just say this, america, its time. Now is the time to remove this ass clown and all his minions from office. its time we abolished this corrupt government that no longer stands for our core values. It is our right, our duty to replace it if we so feel, and i believe people are feeling it now. we just need to come together somehow someway

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    anti Christ nigga weasels at holdme’s DOINJ just give exemptions to whom tyrants see fit.

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