This Popular Comedian Had Some Surprisingly Insightful Critiques For Environmentalists And Obama

While he might not disagree with its goal in theory, comedian Paul Rodriguez has some harsh words for environmentalists who place a higher premium on their pet cause than on the well-being of fellow humans. In a recent podcast appearance, the entertainer explained how this ideology has negatively affected his mother, who operates a small farm in California.

Due to water restrictions, he said, she needs to construct a dam in order to maintain her crops. Environmentalists, however, are concerned about the possible impact such a project could have on regional fish – and not about the ability of local farmers to support their families and provide food to the community and beyond.

He said these extremists “have gone too far,” declaring that they are “not living in the real world” by embracing such misplaced priorities.

“I believe human life is more precious than these fish,” he said.

Though he said those on his mother’s side of the debate are willing to compromise, the environmentalists involved in the disagreement are not.

According to Rodriguez, those being targeted are “mom and pop” farmers who are just looking for a way to maintain their operation during the drought.

“It’s an honorable thing to do,” he said. “Why cut them off?”

Rodriguez levied some even more serious complaints against the environmental activists from the Earth First! organization. He said the group threatened to kill him over his outspoken disagreement with its radical mission.

His criticism goes beyond this particular movement to include the left’s assertion that anyone who opposes the current administration does so out of some inherent intolerance.

“Mr. Obama is difficult to criticize without being accused of being some kind of bigot,” he asserted.

Of course, that did not dissuade Rodriguez from criticizing him anyway.

“He’s not prepared for the job,” he concluded.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Paul Rodriguez

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Paul and people it will only get worst with this idiot we have for a president.If you shoot an eagle your going to jail and fined but Obutthole windmills are killing our American Symbol and nobody cares.Where is Pamela when you need her and PETA.

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