This Move By The Kansas Democratic Party Could End Up Costing Them Big Time

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The Kansas Republican Party is challenging the validity of a Democrat’s withdrawal from its upcoming United States Senate election.

Democrat Chad Taylor, a county prosecutor, withdrew from the Kansas Senate race Wednesday, pitting incumbent Republican Pat Roberts against independent Greg Orman–a former Democrat who has been endorsed by groups including Traditional Republicans for Common Sense and Women for Kansas.

Roberts survived a Tea Party backed challenge last month and was viewed by Democrats as vulnerable.

Kansas Republicans are calling this move a “corrupt bargain,” according to a press release from Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kelly Arnold.

“This is an attempt by Liberal Washington Democrats to disenfranchise Kansas Democrats and invalidate their primary election. You cannot throw an election in the garbage because some people find the results inconvenient.  70,000 people voted in the Democratic primary.  That cannot be undone by a corrupt closed door bargain, reeking of back room deals and secret promises.”

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said he was going to investigate the legality of Taylor’s withdrawal from the race, according to the Associated Press (AP).  When asked by the AP whether or not the withdrawal was legal Kobach said,  “Let me defer the question because I want to have a full discussion with attorneys.”

Kobach also told the AP that his understanding of election law in Kansas was that the Democratic Party must select a new candidate to replace Taylor.

The most recent poll, released last month by SurveyUSA showed Roberts at 37 percent, Taylor at 32 percent, and Orman at 20 percent.

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Photo: Youtube/WIBW News Now

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  1. The United States Senate election is always attractive to the people of the world. Many people keep their mysterious eyes towards the United States Senate election.This year I enjoyed the election. I like Obamas administration. But I do not want to see any dead men/women/children by the war.

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