This Might Be The Best Possible Reason To Buy A Gun…

When a Louisiana family heard the unmistakable sounds of an intruder in the middle of the night recently, they did what anti-gun activists always advise – they called the authorities. Instead of receiving the assurance of a dispatcher on the other end, however, she said there was no one available to pick up the phone.

“We all know about first responders and what their importance is,” Terri Bice said. “That’s not going to happen if no one answers.”

After two calls to 9-1-1 and another attempt to get through on the New Orleans Police Department’s non-emergency line, she finally got through. Fortunately for the family, a pet dog had apparently scared off the prospective intruder.

About two hours after the initial scare, she said police finally arrived at the home. Bice credits God for their survival, considering the emergency crews tasked with assisting in such situations played no part in the immediate aftermath.

“I’m a devout person,” she said. “It wasn’t our time.”

Her family’s experience is frustratingly all too common in her community and across the nation.

New Orleans city council member Susan Guidry confirmed the city has had documented shortcoming in its emergency response preparedness. As it stands, she said, the city employs only slightly more than half as many call-takers as experts recommend.

“We keep being told that action is being done to fix it and it doesn’t seem to be happening or it certainly isn’t happening quick enough,” she concluded.

While the police department apologized and reiterated the fact that it is working to address staffing and response issues, Bice concluded that she needed to take decisive steps to protect her family and property.

As she recounted her experience to a local television station, she showed off her newest acquisition.

“It’s a Taurus .32,” she said of the handgun, explaining she never expected she’d have to own one.

This cautionary tale is further proof that, when faced with an impending threat, a person can really only rely on their own preparedness. Obtaining and learning to properly use a firearm is the most effective self-defense step an American can take.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Mike Saechang (Creative Commons)

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