This Mayor Just Proudly Announced A Plan To Kill Jobs . . .

As the number of out-of-work Americans continues to skyrocket despite the administration’s deceptive unemployment rate calculations, it is incumbent on elected officials to nurture a business environment conducive to job creation. Rick Perry, who has governed over Texas as the Lone Star State largely bucked the national unemployment trend, addressed that role during a recent appearance on NBC.

“I think it’s an easy political line to pitch out and say, ‘I’m for raising the minimum wage.’ We’re looking past that in Texas from the standpoint of: How do we create the maximum wage available?” he explained. “How do we put more people into the workforce?”

Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is taking quite the opposite approach to the situation by proposing a drastic minimum wage hike that would mandate the city’s lowest earners bring home a whopping $15 per hour.

He claimed the move would “improve the lives of workers who can barely afford to live,” but seemed uninterested in exploring the real threat of widespread layoffs resulting from employers unable to foot the added payroll expense.

Murray wants to see the increase imposed incrementally over the next few years; however, his proposal is not ambitious enough for socialist council member Kshama Sawant.

“Every year of a phase-in means yet another year in poverty for a worker,” she complained.

Still, Murray favors giving certain businesses – including those through which employees earn tips or qualify for healthcare – five years to meet the new minimum.

While plenty of other cities across the nation are weighing similar minimum wage hikes, Seattle’s is the loftiest among major metropolitan areas. As Western Journalism reported earlier this year, however, a $15 per hour minimum enacted by another Washington community was met with great opposition by business owners struggling to make ends meet.

Murray nevertheless claimed his idea is in the best interest of Seattle, invoking Pope Francis as a de facto supporter of the plan. As he said during his announcement, the Catholic leader claims income inequality is “preventing us from fulfilling our responsibility to provide for the common good.”

Once again, the left is using the idea of income inequality to push for unsustainable wage increases. In reality, the only way to achieve true equality would be massive redistribution of wealth from those who earned it to those who merely want it.

Simply demanding that employers pay unskilled workers far more than they deserve, however, will result in layoffs, bankruptcies, and massive price increases passed on to consumers.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mayor Ed Murray

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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