This Lady Is Paying the Price For Wishing Her Husband Had Killed More Cops

Photo Credit: YouTube/WochitGeneralNews

Melvin Santiago’s friends and family continue to mourn his death following an altercation with an armed thug outside of a Jersey City pharmacy Sunday.

According to reports, Lawrence Campbell, the criminal, told a witness to watch the news, claiming he was “going to be famous.”

Ultimately, the 27-year-old disarmed a Walgreens security guard and waited for the arrival of police, fatally shooting Santiago before officers returned fire and killed him. Though the senseless murder of a 23-year-old police officer is tragic enough, Campbell’s widow, Angelique, compounded the situation when she shared her belief that her husband should have killed more cops in the exchange.

“That’s how I feel,” she said in an interview. “God forgive me, but that’s how I feel. If they was going to stand over my husband and shoot him like a f—king dog, he should have took all of them the f—k out.”

Naturally, her comments outraged plenty of people, perhaps none more than the slain officer’s stepfather.

“He should have killed more?” Alex McBride said, reiterating Campbell’s assertion. “Come on, is she serious?”

He went on to ridicule a memorial set up for Campbell near his home, complete with a banner reading ‘Thug in peace’ surrounded by empty liquor bottles.

“He’s not a hero,” McBride said, instead using “piece of s—t” to describe his stepson’s murderer.

The grieving stepfather also had some harsh words for the “idiot” guard who allowed Campbell to disarm him.

“How are you going to let someone come into your store, beat you up and take your gun?” he asked.

As for Angelique Campbell, she has apparently had time to reconsider her comments in light of her near-universal vilification.

She went on to “apologize to the officer’s family and to anyone else who got hurt or is suffering for these actions” in a subsequent interview, blaming her husband’s murderous behavior on a drug problem.

Still, she maintained that she will “love him ‘til the day I die.”

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